With the spring game out of the way, Harker Heights now turns its attention to 7-on-7 and summer strength and conditioning as it prepares for the 2014 season.

And while that preparation is far from over, the Knights head into the summer with plenty of confidence after seeing many signs of progress in the spring game.

“The performance that we came out and did was way above our standards that we were expecting,” rising senior quarterback Troy Smith said.

Head coach Jerry Edwards agreed as the Knights showed him what he hopes they will show on a regular basis during the upcoming season — a competitive edge.

“I’m excited. I thought we really competed real well,” Edwards said. “I thought the kids had a lot of spirit, and that’s something you can’t really coach, it comes from inside.”

The Black and Red teams, decided by Edwards and his staff, both showed flashes of greatness on both sides of the ball as the teams played to a tie at Leo Buckley Stadium.

As happy as they were with their performance in the spring game, the players, however, felt it was just an amalgamation of all the hard work they put in since last season came to an end.

In the spring game, the fans finally got a chance to see it play out on the field.

“We’ve worked so hard in the weight room, we’ve worked so hard on the turf, just doing drills with each other, coming together as a group,” Smith said. “And everything just showed here.”

Edwards did acknowledge that the Knights want to be more consistent collectively when they take on opponents in the fall.

But overall, Edwards was pleased with what he saw in the spring game and how far his team has come during this offseason.

Now, they will look to carry that over into the fall.

“I saw some things that we obviously need to work on going into the summer, but we’re going to continue to play and be the best that we can,” Edwards said. “I was really, really, really happy with where we’ve come from November to now. And I told the kids that after the game.”

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