Outdoor activities like hunting, fishing and camping can produce other positive results besides mounted trophies and packed freezers.

They can also help men be better fathers and husbands, according to Legacy Outfitters, a faith-based organization that strives to serve as a stepping stone between the outdoors and the church.

Legacy organizes wild game and bird hunts, fishing trips, campouts, canoe trips and other outdoor activities for men and their families.

Mike Saunders, point leader of the Gatesville chapter, calls Legacy a “men’s outreach for Christian guys.”

“Our main mission is to make better husbands, fathers, and men, to help men who are struggling, and to give them a relaxing, positive outlet in a stress-free environment,” he said.

When Jeff Fritscher founded Legacy Outfitters in 2002, he kept his expectations low and planned for only one chapter and location in Waco.

However, the organization now boasts 13 chapters in Texas and chapters in Wyoming and Tennessee.

“I didn’t even know how the organization would look once it was established,” Fritscher said. “I never thought it would evolve into what it is today.”

Individuals in Gatesville were among the first to express interest in organizing a local chapter, Fritscher said.

He spoke highly of Gatesville’s point leader, calling Saunders a “great father” who holds a special place in his heart.

“It does me well to see what the organization has done for him,” Fritscher said. “I’m excited for these guys in the various chapters, to take ownership of our cause the way they have. If I encourage one person at a meeting, then the organization has become what it was meant to be.”

The Gatesville chapter of Legacy Outfitters meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday every month at 4JD Deer Processing on Farm-to-Market 116.

Saunders said that meetings typically include a meal followed by two or more speakers. About 25-30 people attend the monthly meetings.

All men ages 17 and up are welcome and no official membership fees or other qualifications are required. Go to www.legacyoutfitters.org.

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