After 14 hours of fishing over two days, the Tightlines 2014 Invitational Tournament on Toledo Bend Lake ended in a tie for first place. 

“To end in a tie was completely crazy,” said Doug Martin, of Harker Heights. “It is extremely rare to have a single bass tournament end in a tie.”

Martin teamed with Daniel Barnes, of Belton. The duo split first place with Chuck Guthrie, of Conroe, and Scott Meads, of Killeen.

Both teams finished with a two-day weight of 36.1 pounds.

There were 21 boats with 42 anglers competing in the event which took place last weekend.

There was a five-fish limit per day. Fishing on Saturday began at 6:30 a.m. and ended at 3 p.m. Fishing on Sunday took place from 6:30 a.m. until noon.

“The conditions were the most beautiful you could ask for in August in Texas,” Guthrie said. “On both days, the air temperature was in the 60s until 2 p.m. and in the 80s after that.

“As for the tie? Well, on the first day Daniel and Doug had a blue gill in a fish’s mouth. As long as it’s in his throat, it’s allowed to stay. But we said, ‘Pull that thing out of there.’ But, like I said, it was allowed to stay. And that’s what ended up causing the tie.”

On Day 1, Guthrie-Meads weighed in at 20.47 pounds and were in the lead. Barnes-Martin were in second place with 16.55 pounds.

“On Day 1, we were targeting isolated brush piles on main lake points,” Guthrie said. “And we’d target them with the Carolina rig. But once we found them, we’d use the Texas rig.”

“We were shocked that Chuck and Scott came through with 20 pounds on Day 1,” Martin said. “We thought we were doing very well with what we had until we saw what they brought in.”

Martin said he thought he and Barnes would need a 20-pound bag on Day 2 to win the event.

“Early in the morning on Day 2, we had our limit, but it was only 13 pounds,” Martin said. “Once the spot we were fishing in got cold on us, we moved back to the one place that worked well for us on Day 1. On Daniel’s first cast — boom! He brought in close to a 7-pounder, and that was the fish that did it for us.

“In my life, I’ve only seen two ties. So when everything was all finished and it ended in a tie, I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ But it was cool. The whole event was a lot of fun.”

The tie was fine with Guthrie, too.

“Daniel and Doug are great guys, so tying them was fine,” Guthrie said. With a laugh, Guthrie added, “But they’ve been trying to beat us the past five years in this event and we still get to say they didn’t beat us.”

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