After helping work one of Eddie Clemons’ Texas GameTime basketball camps in Austin this past spring, Lometa head basketball coach Aaron Nuckles had a special request for Clemons for the future. 

“I told him, ‘Man, I’d like to get one like this closer to home for my guys and the surrounding kids because we don’t have anything like that,’” Nuckles said.

Now, Nuckles’ wish has been granted as GameTime will be holding a camp in Lampasas this weekend with Clemons running the show again.

“He just kind of took the ball and ran with it and he’s going to try it out and see how it works,” Nuckles said.

Nuckles became involved in GameTime thanks to his son, Aidan, a first-grader who plays for one of the GameTime AAU teams.

While working the camp earlier this spring, Nuckles saw an opportunity for players from smaller schools like Lometa that doesn’t come around every day.

“The big thing is that it gets local kids’ names out that might not have a chance to get their names out to small colleges and to scouts,” Nuckles said. “Because they’ll take them through some individual workouts — and they did some team stuff, too. They test them in vertical (jump) and different things and scouts come in and they like them to come by.”

But beyond exposure, Nuckles said the teaching element of the camps was also invaluable considering that most of players’ time in the gym during the summer is at an open-gym environment.

“Anytime you can get into a gym with a structured environment in the summer — because coaches, we’re not allowed to work with them very much in the summer — and anytime that those guys can get in there in a structured event and have leadership, I think it’s a positive for when the season rolls around,” Nuckles said.

Nuckles said he hopes to have five or six of his players attend, and that Lampasas coach Rob Shivers said he expects a few of his players to participate as well.

And thanks to his special request this past spring, players in Lampasas and surrounding areas will get a special opportunity this weekend.

“You work on skills and then have someone else other than a coach tell you, ‘You need to get better at this, you need to work on this,’ I think it’s good for the team,” Nuckles said.

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