Gatesville in finals of own tourney

Gatesville's Seth Martin drives downcourt as Mexia's Curk Harris looks on in the first half of the Hornets' 75-55 win over the Black Cats during the Gatesville Holiday Tournament in Gatesville. Gatesville plays in the championship game today at 2 p.m.

After losing several key players from last season’s team, Gatesville senior Seth Martin’s role has changed. With more expected from the returning 8-3A All-District First Team selection, he has not disappointed, improving his scoring to a team-high 16.3 points per game.

On Tuesday, the guard finished with 26 points on 9 of 16 shooting, including four 3-pointers, helping the Hornets to a 59-58 overtime victory against Robinson.

How has the team been coming together so far?

We’ve been coming together pretty well. We’re playing a little inconsistent, which shows in our record, but we’ve gotten better. I think we’re improving in every aspect of the game. I think we just need to keep playing well because when we do, we are a pretty tough team to beat.

How do you feel about your individual game?

I feel like I’m doing a lot of things well. I’m shooting the ball well from the outside, but I’m also getting to the bucket and getting to the free-throw line. When you are shooting well from the outside, people key on you on the outside, and you get to the bucket. I think me shooting well from the outside is helping me get in the lane, getting buckets and getting assists. When I have the ball in my hand, I feel like good things are going to happen.

Being a senior, have you had to take on any added responsibilities this season?

Yeah, as a senior, I feel like you’ve got to be one of the leaders. Me and Harrison (Smith) and others on the team feel like we are doing a pretty good job at that, trying to keep the team in line and keep the chemistry well. I think we are doing pretty well and our chemistry is good as far as getting along and all that. As a senior, whether you are the team captain or not, I think you’ve got to show some team leadership.

Is that a position you enjoy?

Yeah, I do. I’ve been on varsity pretty much my entire career, so I’ve had to be the person that listens to all the guys and takes advice from them. So, now, I get to be on the other side of that and help guys out when they need it, and also keep guys in line when they need it.

With district approaching, what needs to happen before then to make you feel comfortable with where the team is at as a whole?

I think we just really need to put one game together all the way through. This season, we’re 6-5 and that is partly due to the fact we play inconsistent at times. There are quarters where we play really good, and we beat a team by 10 points, but there are also quarters where we lay off, and we are not as good as we should be. I think we need to put one game together and play well the whole game. I think that will give us some confidence to face our district. We’ve got a pretty tough district, where anybody can win on any night, so we’ve got to be completely ready for that.

Do you have any individual goals for this season?

I would like to be the district MVP or offensive player of the year in our district. I think by doing that, it sets my goal high, so I’m hungry to be as good as I can, and if I do that, then it is helping my team.

Lots of players in the district probably want the same thing. What do you have to do to be the one who actually achieves it?

You’ve just got to want it more. When you practice or you’re in a game, you’ve just got to have that mentality that there is no one better. Coach (Thomas Winkler) actually had this quote — it was last week’s quote of the week — it was, “Practice like you are the worst and play like you are the best.” So, in practice, you’ve got to practice like you are the worst player out there and keep going until you get better, but when you are on the court, you’ve got to know you are the best. I think that is a good quote that can drive all our players to be their best.

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