Devin Harris

Two people familiar with the deal told The Associated Press on Saturday that point guard Devin Harris, left,  and the Dallas Mavericks have agreed on a new contract.

Rick Bowmer | AP

As Independence Day weekend winds down, it appears the first splash of NBA free agency will have to wait — that is if actual deals are your cup of tea.

If rumors and reports are what you were looking for, then it was quite the weekend indeed.

While report after report surfaced regarding the free agency of Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James — the two biggest targets on the market if they are indeed available — the Dallas Mavericks quietly resigned Dirk Nowitzki to a cap-friendly deal and backup point guard Devin Harris to provide stability in the backcourt after the team traded starting point guard Jose Calderon to the New York Knicks in deal that returned Tyson Chandler to Dallas.

Now, the Mavericks, like the rest of the NBA, await the decisions of Anthony and James that will dictate how the rest of the NBA, particularly teams with ample cap space, operate going forward.

As interesting as the reports detailing each step of the Anthony recruitment — as he visited with Chicago, Houston, Dallas and the Los Angeles Lakers — and the apparent reopening of James’ recruitment — as the Heat scramble for improvements — have been, the fact of the matter is they are just, well, reports.

At press time, Anthony had disappeared to ponder his decision while James had yet to visit with any team besides Miami.

But there is one report that surfaced Saturday that is worth noting, given how it can potentially affect two of the franchises in the Lone Star State.

Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio reported Saturday evening that Chris Bosh, who joined the Heat with James in 2010, was interested in the Houston Rockets and his hometown Mavericks, both of whom can offer him a max contract while the Heat continue to ask him to take a pay cut.

Bosh fits in nicely with both squads, particularly the Rockets as a power forward capable of stretching the floor alongside Dwight Howard.

But a report by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports said that, while Bosh was still uncertain of his future, he’d re-sign immediately if James committed to return.

Thus, we’re back to square one with NBA free agency.

Teams like the Mavericks continue to make moves to position themselves in lieu of the decisions of James and Anthony. The market simply cannot proceed without the decision of at least one of the two.

And again, if you count reports, there has been plenty of action on that front.

But until a decision is announced, the action that matters will continue to wait.

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