Lampasas Vs. Burnet

Lampasas' Kamri Corbin (5) reaches in to steal the ball from Burnet's Emma Lewis on Friday in Burnet.

The last time Lampasas girls basketball beat Liberty Hill was in 1999. 

The Lady Badgers’ Kamri Corbin was born two years later in 2001.

“It’s very crazy,” said the Lampasas senior as she thought about that fact. “And I heard they haven’t lost a district game in like 50 years?

“I don’t know if it’s true, but that’s crazy to me — not being able to beat Liberty Hill.”

In addition to breaking the 20-year streak, the win was significant for Lampasas considering they lost by 62 and 71 points to the Lady Panthers last season.

“That was terrible,” Corbin said. “That was a terrible feeling, so getting that revenge back on them was nice.”

Throughout her four years with Lampasas, Corbin knows that most people focused on the boys team more than the girls.

“Then coach (Mark) Myers came into the equation and I think we’ve all grown,” she said. “I think playing for Lampasas has had it’s downsides, but in my senior season we’re like the talk of the town.

“It’s really exciting.”

But with recent attention on their 27-6 overall record, 6-3 mark in 27-4A and No. 23 ranking, Lampasas has been coming out to watch the Lady Badgers.

“It’s honestly really new to me because in the past we’ve never had that,” Corbin said of adjusting to playing in front of large crowds this season. “It’s never happened, so it was nerve-racking, but it was great because you know all those people are there to support you.

“After basketball games, it’s constant ‘good jobs’ and it’s a nice feeling to have a town behind you and support you through everything.”

With so much support, being a part of a historic moment with her team still has Corbin on cloud nine.

“After we beat Liberty Hill, I couldn’t stop smiling,” she noted. “I still can’t.”

Even during her shifts at H-E-B, fans come through her line and congratulate her.

And while it took a team effort from the Lady Badgers to get the win, Corbin led the offense in the second half and rallied her team to the victory as she capped off the night with 14 points.

“I always rely on my teammates a lot,” she admitted. “I score a lot of points for my team, but I’m never the leading scorer. But that last half of that game I just wanted it so badly.”

That desire to beat the Lady Panthers motivated Corbin to do all she could for her team.

“I’m going to score,” she told herself in that third quarter. “My teammates can score, too, but I’m going to put this on myself to win this game because I want to win so badly.”

The Lady Badgers went on to win 55-46 on Jan. 25.

While she is able to contribute to her team in big moments, Corbin recently shifted her focus solely on basketball this season.

She’s always played softball, for as long as she can remember but, “I love basketball more than I do softball.”

On the field, Corbin has always worn jersey No. 4 and initially she planned to wear the same number on the court.

“I got to varsity my freshman year and I was like, ‘I want 4,’” Corbin recalled. “And the coach was like, ‘Sorry, we only have 5.’”

“I was like, ‘All right, I’ll take the next best thing,’ so I just took No. 5.”

As a four-year varsity member, Corbin has seen a lot of changes in the team, but there’s one aspect of the game that’s always remained the same for her — her love of bonding with her teammates.

“I’ve always had good chemistry with the team,” she noted. “But this year has been the best chemistry I’ve ever had with a certain team.

“Just having them here, making new friends every season, it’s just the best part of the game because you get to be around the same group of people for a few months and it’s just great.”

Her advice for the younger Lady Badgers is to trust the process.

“Just listen to coach Myers and buy into his system,” Corbin advised. “Because, I promise you, it’s going to help.

“He’s an amazing coach and we’re lucky to have him, so if you buy into his system and listen to what he has to say then this program is going to keep growing and keep getting better.”

Her last year playing for Lampasas has been pretty historic with the Lady Badgers being ranked early, and it’s one that she’ll always remember.

“I think it’s amazing,” she said. “I’m so excited that I can be a part of all this before I go off to college.

“I’ll always remember my senior season of basketball because it’s always going to be talked about beating Liberty Hill, so I’m really excited that I got to be here for another year to be part of it and I can’t wait to see how this program is going to grow after I leave.”

And while all good things must come to an end, Corbin choked up thinking about what she’ll miss most once she graduates.

“Probably the feeling I get on game days, you know?” she said. “When I’m about to play, I love that feeling.

“I love getting dressed up for home games, seeing my town in the stands, my mom in the stands. I’m about to cry; it’s kind of sad, but I love the atmosphere on game day.” | 254-501-7562

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