Ellison junior Marliah Johnson is the KDHpressbox.com Player of the Week for the week of Jan. 15. Johnson scored a team-high 15 points Jan. 9 to help keep the No. 7 Lady Eagles’ District 8-6A record unblemished as they beat Killeen 49-40.

What is a special moment from the season so far?

“The special moment that sticks out to me is that we’re still undefeated in the district, which is good, and our team defense.”

Basketball-wise, is there anyone who is your biggest motivation?

“Hmm ... my biggest motivation is my mom. Because she pushes me harder every game, even when I have a bad game.”

What would you say is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

“Well, coach (Sherry) McKinnon told me if you have an off-game, don’t be afraid to let anyone else take control of the game. Like, if your shot is off, you have another person take the shot for you. And to never give up.”

Any song that you listen to before a game that pumps you up (or any pregame ritual/superstition)?

“I like to listen to “MotorSport” (by Migos, featuring Nicki Minaj and Cardi B), which is our team song that we can all get hyped to before a game.

Is there any significance to your jersey number (23)?

“Michael Jordan and LeBron James ... yeah, they’re the reason since fourth grade.”

What does playing for Ellison mean to you?

“I just picked this school because coach McKinnon is a good coach and I was real comfortable with the girls. I got real close to them when I moved down here. This is my second year here (Johnson moved here from Virginia).

Do you like Texas?

“Yeah, it’s good. I like the basketball.”

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