Every time Kady Crow toes the rubber and unleashes the yellow ball, she simultaneously unleashes a guttural cry that echoes throughout the ballpark.

More-often-than-not the bright ball flashes by the batter and hits the catcher’s mitt with an equally audible snap. “I learned it from an older girl. She made the grunting noise and I thought it was so cool, so I started doing it,” said Crow. “I used it as an intimidation factor, but now it just comes out of me.”

The Lampasas pitcher received 594 votes and won the KDHpressbox.com player of the week award.Crow threw a complete game and also hit a game-winning three-run homer as the Lady Badgers defeated Bandera in the 3A regional quarterfinals.

“I knew the game was over when I hit that home run,” she said. “I knew we had it in the bag and that we were going on to the next round.”

Before every start, the McLennan Community College signee feels an overwhelming sense of pressure. So before and after she warms up —twice — Crow forces her battery-mate Kelsi Gilseth to run to the rest room with her so she can splash cold water on her face to calm herself down.

Her parents know how much pressure she places on her shoulders and, as such, they do all they can to help alleviate some of that anxiety.

“My parents took me out to dinner and we watched ‘The Avengers’. They made me (go) out so that I could get my mind off the game,” she said. “They didn’t want me thinking too much about it and it helped to clear my head for (tonight).”

Crow’s second family, the Lady Badgers, help her as well.

“They are always yelling and cheering me on and it really gives me more confidence,” she said.

The fact that the Lady Badgers are a tight-knit bunch isn’t a unique relationship for a sports team, but Crow knows how special this group is.

“Everywhere we go we are always together and no one gets left out. On the bus we all sit together and we have team dinners,” she said. “We throw parties at each other’s houses and no one gets left behind.”

Shoemaker’s Cion Hicks, Ellison’s Hector Hernandez and Killeen’s John Warren all tied for second in the voting

Hicks won the silver medal in both the shot put and the discus at the 5A state track and field championships. Hernandez won the 800-meter run at the 5A state track and field championships. Warren won the gold medal in the triple jump at the 4A state track and field championships.

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