With one more game remaining in the regular season, the 8-5A boys basketball playoff picture isn’t quite clear as crystal, but it’s not as hard to see through as mud. 

Rather, consider it as transparent as Sochi tap water. The end is in sight, but still difficult to make out.

Tuesday’s matchups go a long way in finalizing whom the area’s boys basketball teams will face in the Region I-5A bi-district playoffs.

The Killeen Kangaroos (21-10, 8-5 8-5A) host No. 13 Harker Heights (24-4, 11-2). Shoemaker (21-6, 11-2) hosts Copperas Cove (16-14, 6-7) and Waco Midway (16-14, 6-7) hosts Temple.

No. 2 DeSoto is the District 7-5A champion, Duncanville is in a second-place tie with No. 3 South Grand Prairie, but holds the head-to-head tiebreaker, Cedar Hill is in fourth place, one game ahead of Grand Prairie.


The Knights will clinch at least a share of the district title with a win at Killeen. Heights will not have to face DeSoto in the first round, but could draw any one of the other four teams in the bi-district playoffs.

Shoemaker would clinch a share of the district title with a win over Cove and could draw any one of those same teams besides DeSoto.

Both Heights and Shoemaker are locked into one of the top two seeds out of the district, but would win the outright district championship with a win and loss by the other.

If both win, there would be a district tiebreaker for the top spot.

Heights and Shoemaker could face South Grand Prairie, Duncanville, Cedar Hill or Grand Prairie in the playoffs.


A Killeen win would not only be an upset, but also give the Roos the No. 3 spot outright. Killeen can still finish in third place with a win or Cove loss.

With a win, the Roos would play Duncanville, South Grand Prairie, or Cedar Hill in the bi-district playoffs, but would most likely play Duncanville since it has the head-to-head tiebreakers with both South Grand Prairie and Cedar Hill.

If Killeen loses and Cove wins, the two teams would have their seeding decided through a district tiebreaker.

If Killeen loses that and finishes as the fourth seed, the Roos will play DeSoto.


Cove would clinch a playoff spot with a win, but can also help out its playoff standings.

The Bulldawgs split the season series with both Killeen and Midway, making a playoff tiebreaker necessary if they finish tied.

If Cove wins, it clinches a playoff spot and Midway is eliminated from playoff contention. If both the Roos and Dawgs win, or both lose and Midway loses, Cove plays DeSoto.

If Cove finishes in the third spot after the tiebreaker, the Dawgs will likely play Duncanville. Grand Prairie is the only team that Cove cannot match up against.

If Cove loses and Midway wins, the Dawgs will likely play a tiebreaker game against Midway to see who gets in and faces DeSoto.


Midway faces Temple and needs some help to get into the playoffs.

Midway is out with a Cove win regardless of how the Panthers do.

But a Midway win and Cove loss will mean those two teams are tied for fourth place.

Midway and Cove will likely play a tiebreaker game in order to decide who plays DeSoto as the No. 4 seed.

Midway cannot finish higher than fourth in the district and will play DeSoto if it gets in.

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