Sport: Soccer

Class: Senior

Claim to Fame: Hernandez scored the only goal in the Tigers’ 1-0 win over Waco Midway. He also had a hat trick against Round Rock Westwood in Belton’s 3-0 win Friday.

How did you get involved in soccer?

“I got into it because my brother, John Hernandez, got into it and my parents really wanted me to do it. And my younger brother, Diego, is going to come play here. He is 10 right now.”

What is it like playing in a soccer family?

“Sometimes it is easy. Sometimes it is hard, because you have to live up to your brothers expectations and make your own.”

What are your expectations? Every year Belton loses a big player but reloads. What is your role in that process?

“It is a big thing (to be a part of). You have players looking up to you and you don’t want to let them down.”

You changed positions this year. How has that changed your feel for the game?

“Coach has me at center mid and forward. Last year, I was feeding the ball to the forward and now I have to step up and score. It just makes me want to play harder and score more goals.”

What do you like to do off the soccer field?

“I like hanging out with the team. We always get together and watch movies or play indoor soccer.”

What is the last movie you saw and did you enjoy it?

“I watched ‘Wanted’ last night and yeah, I enjoyed it. After the game, I couldn’t really sleep, so I put it in until I fell asleep.”

You won 1-0 over Waco Midway last night. What helped the team win?

“Our defense stepped it up and so did our whole team. We were getting scored on a lot in the preseason, but I think we knew this game counted for the playoffs, so we decided to step it up.”

What is one thing your teammates would be surprised to find out about you?

“That I had to cut my hair for school. I had a Mohawk for the last four years and you can’t have them in school now. It was kind of my thing.”

Lionel Messi or Christiano Renaldo?

“I like Messi a little bit more because of the way he distributes the ball a little more.”

What are you goals for this team?

“For me it would be to be the score leader and get all-district. For the team I want to see us get past the second round of the playoffs. In the past few years we have been knocked out after the second round and it is a goal for us to win that one and keep going from there.”

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