Class: Senior

Sport: Basketball

Claim to Fame: Scott is the Bulldawgs leading scorer and recently became the first player in program history to go to a NCAA Division I team when he signed to play for Stephen F. Austin State.

You had a big day last week, signing a national letter of intent to play for the Lumberjacks. How does it feel?

“It feels tremendous. It feels overwhelming. I never expected it to feel this great, but it feels really good.”

And it was not just a big day for you, but it was a big day for Copperas Cove basketball. What is it like to be a part of school history?

“It makes me feel real good, but it is not only about me. It says a lot for the program. We are getting better and better every year and (we should) expect better.”

Happening in the midst of basketball season – a busy time of year for you – has any of it really had a chance to sink in for you yet?

“Not really. I wear my SFA stuff every day, but in the end, I put this Cove jersey on and work hard for my team.”

What cemented your decision when it came to choosing Stephen F. Austin?

“The relationship with the coaches, when I went out there for my visit, the players were real cool, I like them a lot, and I like the way coach (Danny) Kaspar coaches. He’s a great coach.”

What are your expectations for the Bulldawgs this season?

“Right now, for me, our expectations are to win district. I think we should be able to go 14-0, and I think we can make a legitimate run at the state title.”

What about the team makes you think those goals are attainable?

“Most of them I’ve been playing with since middle school, so I’ve known them basically my whole life. We have great chemistry together, and we all know how to get out and run. That is our play style.”

Is there anything in particular you do before games to prepare? Any rituals?

“I use to just try and get myself ready, get my head into it, but now, with me being a leader on this team, I’ve got to focus on my team and get my team ready.

“I try to keep them focused and not keep them laughing. I’ve got to let them know that we’ve got a big game tonight and keep them focused.”

Has your approach to the game changed now that you have more of a leadership role?

“It might seem like it is hard, but I’ve been a leader, basically, my whole life. I’ve had to be the leader of my teams. So, it just comes as part of my game, so it’s nothing.”

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