Gatesville senior Hunter Dean is a multisport athlete, who is hoping to reach the playoffs for a third time this school year with the baseball team after making postseason appearances with the Hornets football and basketball teams.

What are your expectations for the baseball team this year?

“We haven’t even touched what we are capable of yet. Coach (Graig Keeton) and I joke around because we haven’t used the same lineup yet through 17 games. We are just that versatile. I expect to make the playoff, obviously. Last year, we figured up that we were had the third or fourth best record to ever come through Gatesville, and we fell short still. That is always the goal – to make the playoffs – but I really would like to strive for a district title.”

What is it going to take for that to happen?

“Just playing as a team, obviously. We have the tools to hit the ball and the tools to play defense. Yeah, we are still a younger squad here and there, but we have the talent and ability to be there. If we just do the little things right like we’ve always been told, then everything will fall together.

Athletically, what has this senior season been like for you as a whole?

“I’m just blessed to have the coaches I have. I also ran cross country, and now I’d doing a little track and golf. I’m just blessed to have coaches who are willing to work with me and have teammates there who let us be that successful.”

When did you first develop a love for sports?

“I got it early on. My Dad was a football coach and a basketball coach for the most part, but he’s done a little bit of everything. Being around him, I fell in love with the competition, the success and even the failures. You learn from your mistakes and strive for more success. You just get this thrill inside of you that you want to do whatever it takes to win.”

Are you competitive person outside of sports?

“Yes. I use to get in trouble because I would bend the rules any way I could to make sure I won a card game or anything when I was younger. My parents and grandparents use to quit because I was so competitive. I’d bend the rules or do something just so I could win.”

What are your plans for after high school?

“I’ve always wanted to go to college to play sports, but I’m just not quite the athlete I imagined I was as a younger child. So, I’m probably just going to go to A&M and be a student there. Kinesiology, probably.”

Are you looking to get into coaching?

“That is always one of the options because, like I said, my Dad was there, and I’ve seen what to do. Being able to coach other people, not only just about sports, but about life is just something I love.”

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