Class: Senior

Sport: Volleyball

Claim to fame: A two-year starter at libero for the Lady Eagles (13-13, 2-2 8-5A), German is the spunky back-row specialist that can often be seen laying her body on the line digging out balls from one side of the court to the other.

What’s it like to be apart of this team this year?

“It’s a great experience. We have a really strong team this year and I feel like we can go a lot farther than last year.”

Ellison nearly made the playoffs last year, losing in a play-in game with fellow fourth-place Temple. What was that experience like?

“It was exciting, it because it has been a long time since Ellison has been close to being playoff level, and we really wanted it.

“But this year, they’re going to have to be looking out for us.”

What’s your role on this team?

“My role is to pass. As Coach D(e Gracia) says, passing is my money maker, and that’s what I do, and hopefully get it to the setter.”

Liberos are routinely laying their bodies on the line, what’s the craziest thing you’ve had to do to save a ball?

“Probably come from left-back saving a ball, then have them hit it back to the right-back and having to dive with one arm and get it. ... Just going back and forth.”

What’s Ellison’s pregame ritual?

“We do what’s called ‘Ride that pony’ and ‘We don’t mess around.’ ... ‘Ride that pony’ is when we’re all in a circle and someone is walking around and we’re singing ‘Ride that pony’ and whoever they stop in front of has to dance and they take their spot.”

So it’s like “Duck, Duck, Goose”?

“Something like that, but a little more exciting.”

What’s your go-to song on your iPod right now?

“It’d have to be ‘Call Me Maybe,’ (laughs) I love that song. ... It’s just a fun song and it gets me upbeat and happy.”

So then what’s your favorite type of music to listen to?

“Actually I like to listen to all types of music — country, hip-hop, rock, all that kind of stuff. I have no specific favorite genre, I listen to all types of songs.”

What do you like to do when you’re on your own, away from school and athletics?

“Outside of school, I’m a Netflix-kind of girl. I love watching any type of movies — old-school, recent, it doesn’t matter — or if it’s not Netflix, I’m probably in a book.”

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