COPPERAS COVE — A lot has gone unnoticed over the past few weeks at Copperas Cove.

Despite being briefly placed on a national stage for a last-second play the Bulldawgs would rather forget, Copperas Cove’s exposure has been extremely limited of late.

Between having its heartbreaking loss to A&M Consolidated repeatedly replayed on ESPN and fielding an uncharacteristic high-flying offense captained by a junior quarterback who is already poised to shred the program’s record book, the Bulldawgs’ defense has been overlooked. So has JD Post.

The senior cornerback has emerged as a leader for the defense and is coming off a two-interception performance in a 70-24 blowout against Waco last week, helping the Bulldawgs even their record at 1-1.

The defense did give up a first down to the Lions during the entire first quarter and the momentum seemed to build from there. How big was that first quarter?

The first quarter was very big. We had to get some stops and set the tone from the start.

Was it the team’s pregame intentions to shut down Waco from the very beginning of the game?

Yes it was.

You finished with two interceptions, including one for a touchdown. Describe that play.

I saw our defensive line get pressure on the quarterback and force him out of the pocket, and he rolled. Quarterbacks usually don’t have a good throw when they are on their feet running, so I just broke up on the pass and (teammate Elijah) Timarky got a good block, and I took it to the house.

And you hurdled somebody along the way.

(laughs) Actually, I hurdled Timarky. He dove for the block, and I wasn’t sure if I could just run over him or if I had to jump, so I just jumped to be sure. Then, I took it to the house.

Obviously, you had a big game. Did you just feel in the zone?

It is all God. It is really just all God. He had my back, and he had the team’s back, and that is really all we needed.

What kind of game are you expecting Friday against Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon?

We expect a good game and a clean game. We really just want to compete and get better.

So, what is it like being on the sideline and watching your team score a school-record tying 70 points?

It is exciting because we practice all day, every day. It is exciting to see this success happening for our team and to see that hard work pays off.

The special teams have given up three kickoff returns for touchdowns in two games. What needs to happen to fix that?

We just need to practice harder and fix our mistakes. There is never a perfect game, and there is never just an absolute worst game, so we’ll just practice hard.

Has there been an added emphasis on kickoff returns in practice?

(laughs) Yes, probably 30 minutes in practice. Longer than normal.

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What a nice story by the "Copperas Cove Cheering Press Club"(CCCPC) about an obviously nice young man.
But if Cove football has been experiencing a period of "extremely limited" exposure of late, what are the FOUR high schools of the KILLEEN Independent School District experiencing in the CCCPC.
A complete news blackout?
KISD is five times larger than CCISD but you would never be able to tell it by the total disregard the CCCPC has for the four 5A high schools in KISD.
Little business hint for the CCCPC. The potential market for buying your paper is also FIVE times larger with KISD residents than Copperas Cove. You might want to think about covering stories about the high schools in your largest market.
Otherwise just drop the ruse. Stop using the moniker of KILLEEN Daily Herald and move from Florence Road in Killeen to Main Street in Copperas Cove.

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