Sport: Basketball

Class: Senior

Claim to Fame: Davis is one of a handful of returning players for the Lady Badgers, and despite losing eight of their first nine games, the three-year varsity player is happy to be back on the court after suffering a season-ending knee injury last year.

It has been a tough start to the season so far, but how do you feel the team is coming together?

“I think we are coming together more and more as each game progresses, and we take time to reflect on the things we need to work on, fix our mistakes, and we just hope that we can apply them to the next game, so we can do a better job.”

You have been on varsity since you were a sophomore. What has that experience been like?

“I think it has been very good. It has taught me a lot of life lessons, and it has helped me become more of a leader. It has helped me see more of the positive side of things that I do. Last year, I had ACL replacement on my knee, and that was a challenging thing for me to overcome. So, I think that being on varsity for three years, I know what needs to be done, and I know how to execute as a varsity player.”

You mentioned your injury. What was that whole situation like?

“It is actually my second knee surgery, so I just taught myself that God has a plan for you. I hated being away from the game, and I hated sitting on the bench and watching my team, but I was there to encourage every single person. It killed me to sit there and watch other people get hurt because I knew exactly what they were going through, but in rehab, I did double the rehab, so I could get back into the shape I needed to be in.

“It really just motivated me more to be a better player than I was before because it is very challenging to get back to the way you were before your surgery. This surgery taught me a lot about myself and how strong I can be.”

After all that, I’m sure this season is special to you. What do you want to accomplish this season?

“I really just want to have a very successful season. I want us to grow as a family, that is our main goal right now, to become one whole team and not individuals, and, as the season progresses, we are getting better every single game. So, I just hope we have a really good season.”

I know your dad is a coach at Lampasas Middle School. What is it like being a coach’s kid?

“You have your Dad, who has taught you so much outside of school, and, with him, I can go to the gym and I can talk to him because he knows what I’m going through.

“He can help me, he can tell me that I should tell a certain player that we need to work on this or you need to fix this. He knows what to look for, and he knows my strengths and capabilities that I’m able to have. He helps me, he pushes me to the limits because he knows the expectations I have and the expectations he has for me.”

Your alter ego is the Lampasas Badger mascot. What is that like?

“Whenever I put the mascot suit on, it is like I become another person in a badger form. I can interact with kids, I can interact with the crowd, and it has taught me a lot because you have to interact with only hand motions.

“It takes a lot of pressure away from the outside world. If I’m having issues or something, I can just get in the suit, and I can go hang out and do whatever, be silly and be goofy and nobody is judging you because you are in a giant mascot suit, so everything is okay.”

How did becoming the school mascot originate?

“I tried out for middle school cheerleader when I was younger, and I never made it, so I was always a water girl, and I was a trainer. All my friends always tell me how funny I am and how goofy I am, so my Mom decided I should probably tryout for mascot.

“So, I got into theater first, and my theater teacher loved me and said I was amazing and had such a good personality for the mascot.

“The girl who was the mascot at the time was in theater arts with me and told me that I need to be the mascot. I wasn’t nervous or anything, but once I got in the suit, everything just clicked, and it was just something I absolutely loved.”

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