Class: Senior

Sport: Football

Claim to Fame: Seybold committed to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor on National Signing Day after leading the Bulldawgs to the playoffs in his first season as a starter.

How does it feel to have your playing future secured?

“It feels great. It’s a big decision, and I’m glad that I made the right choice. It just feels like I’m stress free now.”

What made UMHB the right place for you?

“Well, I went on a visit, and I liked the campus, I liked the coaches, and I liked what the team had to offer.”

What is it like to be able to join a program that is already so successful?

“That helps. It’s exciting because that just means that I can go there and help them achieve their goals. I’m going to help get them to the top as much as I can.”

Did being able to stay close to home factor into your decision?

“A little bit, but it didn’t really matter how close it was to home. I just wanted the campus to have what fit me personally and what they had academically and as a team.”

And they’ve got a pretty nice stadium that is about to open too. Are you excited to be a part of that?

“Yes, sir. When I went on a visit, I got to see the stadium, and it is coming along really nice. I can’t wait until it opens up. It is pretty impressive.”

What did the Crusaders coaches tell you about your game was appealing to them?

“I was an effective dual-threat quarterback. That was about it.”

What was the recruiting process as a whole like for you?

“Schools called and they asked about me. They wanted to talk to me or they wanted to see me or send me on a visit, but, honestly, I only went on one visit. I loved the campus, and that was where I wanted to be. So, it was easy.”

You were part of a signing ceremony with a bunch of your teammates. What was it like being able to share this moment with them?

“They are part of my family, so any time I can spend with them is a great time. Just spending this great moment with them is a great opportunity.”

Considering the signing happened before school, is having to go to class the only downside of the day for you?

“Not really. This feeling is going stay with me throughout the day, so it is not too bad.”

Did you have trouble sleeping last night?

“Yeah, I went to bed pretty late. I was excited, but I’m glad it happened, now. I’m just happy. I’m not really relieved because this is just a great moment. It’s a happy moment.”

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