Class: Senior

Sport: Softball

Claim to Fame: The second baseman is hitting. 273 for Florence and leads the Lady Buffaloes with six runs.

You had to sit out last season, when the Lady Buffaloes went 0-19. What was that like?

“Last year I was injured and I had to sit out. I supported the softball team as much as I could and attended as many games as I could. They had a lot of struggles and had no returning players. It was hard for them to come back and try to win games.

What is the difference this season, when you have already won twice?

“This year we all clicked and we have a great group of freshman girls, who have been playing together since they were little. We came out with a great attitude and we are excited for the season.”

How come you had to sit out?

“I have mild scoliosis and my lower right side of my back is overworked. I have gone to physical therapy for a year and a half, but the more I play the harder it gets.”

How long have you had it?

“I had pain when I was in middle school, found out my eighth-grade year and my freshman year I went to a spine specialist and they diagnosed it.”

How hard was it to sit out last season, knowing you could have helped?

“It was very, very hard. My love for sports is something I cannot put into words, but it was the right decision for me to sit out, so I could play my senior year.”

You got a couple wins already, what do you think this team is capable of?

“I see us going far. I think we can make the playoffs. Our district is very strong, but I feel if we stick together and don’t get big heads or feel sorry for ourselves, we can continue to win and surprise some people.”

What is something people would be surprised to find out about you?

“Most people know, but I collect rubber ducks. I don’t know why. They just interest me and they are very cute. Also I love to bake.”

What is the best thing you have baked?

“I think my chocolate chip cookies are the best, but I can do a pretty darn good birthday cake.”

How do you prepare for a game?

“As a team, a very popular song right now is ‘Thrift Shop.’ As a team we try to laugh and have a good time and not get too over happy and lose focus. ‘Thrift shop is big part of our pre-game warmup. We sing our hearts out and dance.

“We are pretty happy with each other and we all get along. There is no drama, which is pretty amazing for a big group of girls.”

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