Sport: Softball

Class: Senior

Claim to Fame: Gilseth is a three-year member of the varsity softball team, reaching the regional semifinals in each of the past two seasons. She is tied for the team lead in RBI (13), while sitting in a tie for second in runs scored (13).

The team lost a very successful coach in Rusty Erwin (55-22 in two seasons) and several key seniors from last season’s team. How do you feel the team is coming together?

“We are progressing as the season goes. We are a very young team, but we are getting better as it goes. … We have struggled a little bit. We’ve had three head coaches since I was a freshman, and they all change a lot of stuff. Some of us having been struggling a little bit, but it has been coming together, and we’ve been playing much better as a team and as a whole. I’m looking forward to a good district run.”

What is it like having to adjust to that many coaches?

“Every coach is different, and they all want different things. Each time you get a new coach, they are wanting to change the way you field and the way you hit, especially being a very young team like we have. … We all seam to really like the new coach (Cassie Crabtree), and she seems to know what she is doing also, so that is good.”

You are one of just two seniors on the team. What is that like?

“It is exciting and kind of scary at the same time. Everybody depends on you, but you just have to step up. My sophomore year, we had seven or eight seniors, so it has been a very drastic change. We had a bunch of senior leadership, and now, this year, we only have two seniors. We are having to step up a lot and help pull all the underclassmen through.”

Is that a role you enjoy?

“Yes, I am completely comfortable in that role. Everybody has good games and bad games, but you just always have to stay positive, encourage your teammates, and I’m pretty sure I am doing that. I understand that we are still very young and still learning, so I have a little bit more patience with them.”

So, knowing what you know, what is the potential of this team?

“We have a lot of potential. We have very good players. We just all have to learn how to work together, which we have been doing much, much better. We just need to work together, and I think we’ll be fine this season.”

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