Football: Copperas Cove v. Shoemaker

Shoemaker's Ziere Banner stiff-arms Copperas Cove's Miles Stanton on Friday night at Bulldawg Stadium.

Shoemaker senior Ziere Banner has been the Grey Wolves starting quarterback since his sophomore year. On Friday at Copperas Cove, he racked up 99 rushing and 374 passing yards, en route to four total touchdowns.

You’ve shown up to play this year. You’ve had multiple 300-yard passing performances and a lot of touchdowns. What attitude did you come into this season with?

With a grind attitude, really. I mean, I came into this season like, “I got to do it. This is the year to do it. It’s my last year.” So, I came in with a grind to the season.

After going 2-8 last year, losing by large margins to opponents, you beat a quality (Round Rock) Stony Point team and hung with Temple and Copperas Cove in first halves this year. How does it feel to finally compete?

Well, ultimately we wanted to win those games, but to be able to compete with them, it’s an honor, really. It’s really big for us.

How are you preparing for Killeen?

We prepared pretty well this week, and we’re still preparing. Hopefully after we practice today, we’ll go and get the win this Friday.

What do you like about football? Why do you play?

I just love this game. I grew up loving this game. My cousin played and my family played, so I just grew up loving it.

Did your dad play?

Yeah, he played a little bit. He was real big on basketball, though. But I just love football.

What do you like about it specifically?

I just like scoring touchdowns.

What is it like working with coach (Channon) Hall?

It’s good. I like working with coach Hall. He’s a good man.

What kind of lessons or messages does he try to instill in you guys?

Ultimately, he likes to instill not just about football, but about life. How to be successful about life.

And how can you be successful at life?

Working hard every day, not giving up. You know, if you got a task at hand, go your hardest at it. Just not giving up, really, at life.

How would you describe Friday Night Lights to someone who’s never played in a Texas high school football game?

I would describe it as the best feeling you will feel as a high school student if you’re playing sports. I think Friday night is a time where everyone’s watching. Your family’s watching. I just feel like it’s the best time in your high school life. That’s how I describe it.

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