By Kevin Posival

The Cove Herald

Marc Minatrea's 2010-11 Shoemaker boys basketball schedule is set - "penned in" even.

But that could change on the first day of school in August.

Minatrea and other District 12-5A coaches could be looking for a way to schedule 15th and 16th district games with Killeen High School if the Killeen Independent School District approves a district rezoning proposal that could move nearly 1,650 students from one high school to another.

"Our schedule is set. It's not penciled in, it's penned in," Minatrea said. "I'm sure there's precedent where this has happened before, so; usually it just happens in the spring before and, in this case, we wouldn't know until the fall, which would make it difficult."

If Killeen High does immediately move up to 5A, the Kangaroos football team would remain in District 8-4A and could be ruled ineligible for the playoffs until the University Interscholastic League's 2012 reclassification. The volleyball team could also be ineligible for the playoffs in 2010 but could be moved up to 5A for the 2011 season.

"Volleyball would be a situation that you probably couldn't change right in the middle of the stream, but they could go up to 5A next year (2011-12) and any kind of penalties and sanctions would be up to the SEC (state executive committee), if there were any," said UIL Director of Athletics Cliff Odenwald.

All other sports at Killeen High most likely would be moved to a 5A district next year, which could mean a nine-team District 12-5A - including KISD's other three high schools as well as Copperas Cove, Belton, Temple, Bryan and A&M Consolidated.

But there are other plausible destinations, like District 15-5A, which includes six Austin-area teams or the seven-team District 16-5A - Georgetown, Leander, Pflugerville, Round Rock High, McNeil, Stony Point and Westwood.

"You don't ever know with the UIL, especially with something like this," said Killeen High boys basketball coach Jason Fossett. "It's kind of a unique situation that I've never even heard of or been involved in. There's no telling where the UIL, especially this late, would stick you."

In fact, the UIL could - as it did with North Crowley High School in 1998 and 1999 - put all Killeen High sports, except football, into different districts in each of the next two years.

When Crowley ISD opened North Crowley in 1998, the district submitted projected 3A enrollment numbers but opened with about 250 students more than expected and almost 200 over the 4A cutoff at the time.

The UIL state executive committee ruled that North Crowley football would remain in District 11-3A for two years and be playoff-ineligible until after the 2000 reclassification and the volleyball team was also kept from the playoffs, but only the first year.

All other sports were moved into District 6-4A for the 1998-99 seasons and District 10-4A for the 1999-00 seasons, including volleyball.

"I've kind of put it in my head that we're probably going to move in with Ellison and (District 12-5A), but nine teams? I don't know," said Killeen High Lady Roos basketball coach Latisha Williams. "It makes sense to move us there because half the travel would be local, but then are they going to move somebody out?

"There's all kind of scenarios, so it's hard to put stuff in stone because we just don't know anything for sure," Williams added. "With scheduling, I'm very nervous that I'll have my schedule done and then I'll have to re-do the whole thing."

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