Football: Ellison v. Copperas Cove

Ellison's Hayward Clay attempts to catch a pass as Copperas Cove's J.D. Post defends on Friday night at Hood Stadium.

J.D. Post is ready to move on.

After capping off his high school career as Copperas Cove’s top kickoff returner during his senior season, Post is preparing for life as a college athlete. Before departing for Texas Lutheran, however, the defensive back, who in 2013 recorded 55 total tackles and three interceptions, including two for touchdowns, was afforded one final opportunity to simply enjoy the game he loves.

Post participated in the annual Fellowship of Christian Athletes Victory Bowl over the weekend as a member of the Red team. And although his squad came up on the losing end, falling 21-16, the score did not dampen his outlook on the event.

What did you think about the Victory Bowl as a whole?

The experience itself is something I’ll never forget. Not that many people are blessed with the opportunity to go play in the Victory Bowl, but thankfully, my coach gave me the opportunity to play, and it was fun.

I made a lot of new friends. I learned a few things, and it is definitely something I will never forget.

There are a lot of other events that lead up to the Victory Bowl. Did you get to participate in any of those?

I participated in all the events. We had a lot of team-bonding activities. We went bowling, and we had a camp for little kids. The camp was probably my favorite because we got to see a lot of kids smiling and enjoy something they love to do for fun. I actually took a lot of pictures with the little kids, and that was fun for me also.

Bowling with the team was fun. It was also a little competitive, but it was just for fun and giggles and laughs. So it was pretty fun.

Two of your former teammates at Copperas Cove – Hunter McVeigh and Andrew Sommervold – were also on your team at the Victory Bowl. Did that make the experience any more special?

Yes, especially being with Hunter McVeigh. We’re going to be playing against each other in college, so to play one last game together was amazing.

What were your thoughts of the game itself?

The game was pretty relaxing, but also it was very competitive. We went out there, and we laid it all on the line. We basically dignified ourselves in God and played how we figured we should play.

Personally, how did you feel you performed?

I felt like I had a pretty good game. They threw to my side, I believe, twice in the first quarter, and then I think they threw to my side maybe one more time. Other than that, they didn’t really throw to my side.

You scared them off, huh?

Yes sir, (laughing).

What else are you doing during the offseason to get ready for college?

I’ve been lifting really hard and conditioning. I was playing AAU basketball to stay in shape, but now I’m just lifting and running. I’ve been doing a lot of one-on-ones with a couple of friends that are going to college as well.

So, what’s the next step for you?

I leave for Texas Lutheran on Aug. 12, but in the meantime, I’ll just keep working hard to get better in any way possible.

What are the emotions like as the day gets closer and closer?

It’s exciting, but it is also nerve-wracking. I’m ready to be at college, but I don’t want to leave my house yet.

Did it feel like your high school career was put behind you at the Victory Bowl?

It was definitely one for the books. I never thought I would play with people that I actually played against almost my whole football career. To play together was really amazing.

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