Casey Frazier has been pitching, and pitching well, for Salado since his sophomore year. 

The model of consistency, Frazier eventually got Salado head coach Chad Krempin to change his game-day routine when he knew that Frazier was starting the game.

“I always watch bullpen,” Krempin said. “I didn’t even bother watching him throw bullpen anymore, honestly.

“Because he goes down there and takes care of business and does what he does.”

Frazier was the All-Area MVP last season when he led Salado to state, and he is the MVP again this season after wrapping up one of the most accomplished careers in Eagle history.

Frazier and the Eagles fell one game short of returning to state this season, losing 1-0 to Troy in the final start of his varsity career.

But Frazier was typically extraordinary on the mound in that loss, and after his season wrapped up, Frazier was happy with everything he and his teammates accomplished in his time at Salado.

“I made a lot of good memories, had a lot of good times over the last four years at Salado,” Frazier said. “I’ve taken a lot away. It was a great four years.”

As good as Frazier was last season — a season in which he didn’t lose a game until the Eagles lost at state — he was even better this

past season as a senior.

After striking out 100 batters in 2013, Frazier upped his total to 130 this season in a similar amount of innings, Krempin said.

Krempin also said Frazier didn’t go as deep into counts as a senior and still managed a jaw-dropping ERA, below 1.00, despite the fact that the Eagles were a bit better defensively last year.

And none of it surprised Krempin.

He simply knew that was what he was going to get when Frazier took the mound.

“It was almost like having a pitcher at the next level when some of the teams can really depend upon someone like (Adam) Wainwright or someone for the (St. Louis) Cardinals,” Krempin said. “I’ve never had a high school pitcher before — and I’ve had a lot of good ones — I’ve never had one before give you the same thing every single start.”

And that is why Frazier is the rare two-time All-Area MVP — a lofty feat in any sport.

But when it came to baseball last season, and the two seasons before it, Frazier was simply superhuman at the high school level.

“There’s always a level of uncertainty with high school kids for the most part,” Krempin said. “But with him there just never was uncertainty. You always knew.

“That’ll be tough to replace.”

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