The season may have ended earlier than Salado teammates Casey Frazier, Cole Haag and Britton Hawes would have liked, but the trio of Eagle seniors still got to suit up two more times as teammates this week.

Frazier, Haag and Hawes each competed for the North team in the Austin Area Baseball Coaches’ Association All-Star game in Round Rock on Monday then competed together again for the Leaders in the Central Texas Baseball Coaches’ Association All-Star game in Waco on Tuesday.

The North team lost 13-2 on Monday, but the Leaders defeated the Legends 8-1 on Tuesday.

For the two pitchers, Frazier and Hawes, the games were not only a chance to compete as Eagles again — after Salado lost the Region III-2A final to Troy — but also a chance to pitch with Haag behind the plate for the last time.

“It was great,” Frazier said. “He’s a great catcher, and we went out, had one good last outing. It was really fun.”

Haag did more than just catch in the AABCA All-Star game, earning offensive MVP honors for his team.

For Frazier, who has his own long list of accolades, it was nice to see his teammate add one to his own lengthy list.

“It’s awesome to know that we went up against some of the best players in the Austin area, 4A and 5A schools, and for him to just go out and perform it’s pretty cool,” Frazier said. “It’s a great honor for him.”

The Salado trio represented the second-smallest school in the AABCA game, with Class A Thorndale being the smallest school represented.

Yet in both games, the former Eagles felt they carried the banner well for the smaller schools.

“The 2A guys did — I wouldn’t say better than most of them — but we held our own against the 4A and 5A guys,” Hawes said. “Overall, we did well.”

But for Hawes, just getting to play with his teammates again was good enough for him.

“It was a really good experience to go out there and finally get to play (an All-Star game), especially against some of the best competition we’ve played against all year,” Hawes said. “Going out there and almost being the top tier players out there, it felt good playing with Cole and Casey and pitching to Cole one more time.”

Frazier, who still has the Texas High School Baseball Coaches’ Association All-Star game to compete in Saturday in Round Rock, said he’d have liked to have seen even more of his teammates there.

But to have a trio of Eagles there still felt like quite the honor for him.

“We’ve always had a really good team,” Frazier said. “There are other guys who should’ve been recognized, but for us to have three, that’s a great accomplishment.”

After all, being chosen for an All-Star game is an honor that none of the former Eagles took for granted — especially when it was a trio of players selected to not one, but two.

“It’s a good feeling because there’s so many good baseball players and top tier athletes in Central Texas around this area,” Hawes said. “So just being selected as one of those guys is a really good feeling that you stacked up well against everybody else.”

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