SALADO — It isn’t every day that a golfer wins the Player of the Week award.

It’s even rarer for two to win it.

But Sarah Colley and Dalton Hankamer were happy to share the award last week.

“That’s what makes it good,” Hankamer said.

Colley and Hankamer have more in common than being golfers from Salado.

The two were crowned district champions earlier this month for the state-bound Lady Eagles and Eagles.

For Colley, a junior who came close to winning two years ago, her first career district title was one to remember.

“It was kind of dramatic, too, because I sank a 40-foot putt and there was like 100 people watching,” Colley said. “It was pretty awesome.

“It’s kind of one of those things that, if you’re a golfer, you always dreamt about doing.”

For Hankamer, winning district — where the toughest competition may have been his own teammates — was a nice chang after a slow stretch in his season.

“It was fun,” Hankamer said. “I’m starting to swing better now. I had a little bit of a slump.”

Yet after the emotional wins at district, both players were stunned to find out they’d been nominated for the Player of the Week award, especially together.

But in the end, the two admitted that being nominated as a duo may have helped their cause in the long run.

“I think it definitely helped us win having two families voting,” Hankamer said.

And while Colley and Hankamer were appreciative of the support from the Salado community when it came to the Player of the Week voting, the two hope to bring back an even bigger prize when they compete at the state tournament next week in Austin as the Eagles and Lady Eagles attempt to sweep the state titles for the first time in school history.

“That’d make it a neat experience because we have a lot of seniors on these two teams,” Hankamer said, “and it’d be nice to send them off on a good note.”

“Especially the amount of work that everyone’s put in,” Colley added. “Like coming out here in practice when it’s negative-5, you can’t feel your hands, or its raining or it’s hot. It’ll make it worth it.”

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