Through six games this season, Killeen senior safety Matthew Ballard has two interceptions with 83 return yards and a touchdown to help beat Copperas Cove during the game’s final seconds.

Ballard and the Kangaroos will host Waco Midway at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Hood Stadium.

Do you want to play college ball?


What division, do you think, would be a good fit?

I think a lower division. I don’t really like too much attention and all. Really, any division is alright. Whoever offers me, I would be alright with.

What makes a good football player?

Someone who works hard, goes hard every play, never takes a play off and just does their job and (is) a great leader.

What has it been like working with coach Sam Jones?

It’s great. He’s the one who’s given me opportunities. He’s good. He’s a good coach. Without him, I wouldn’t be anywhere I am today.

He helped me out a lot. And it’s not just about football. He helps you with everything. He cares about you. He cares about your personal life, your football life, school, everything.

What is it like to defend against great pass offenses like Copperas Cove?

I love it. I love the opportunity. I love the challenge, because some people are scared of a challenge, but I like a big challenge.

It can get my name out there more going against teams like Cove, Midway, and bigger schools like that.

How would you describe Friday night lights to someone who’s never played football?

Amazing feeling. All the emotions going through your body. It just feels good to be able to play football on Friday night. I would not rather do anything else on Friday night. I just love playing football.

Do you think the level of competition in Texas, as far as football goes, is more than any other state?

Yes, sir. I would say that for one reason. I’m from Chicago. I never played, but I went to a few games, and I could just tell by watching them they don’t compete as hard as teams in Texas.

Some teams in Texas aren’t really that good, but they still compete. They fight.

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