Shoemaker High School’s Joseph Henry finished among the top 10 in the “high game” category in the Texas State USBC Youth Bowling Tournament last weekend in Houston. 

Henry rolled a personal-high 279 which was also the top individual game by all area boys competing in the event.

“It feels good to have scored that high,” Henry said. “I’m proud to have scored well there because this wasn’t my home lane. But since it wasn’t my first tournament away from our area, I didn’t start out that nervous.”

Henry started out strike-spare and then rolled nine straight strikes.

“Well, that was nerve-wracking, rolling the nine strikes in a row because it was the first time I’d ever done that,” Henry said. “So my hand became a little shaky.”

Henry was the top bowler on the Shoemaker Grey Wolves 2014 team even though he was just a freshman.

He finished among the top eight in the Cen-Tex District.

“Next year, as a sophomore, I’d like to try and help make our team go to state and then play in the nationals,” Henry said.

Henry’s approach in each frame is simple.

“I take one deep breath before I bowl each frame, and that’s it,” he said. “That usually helps me out a lot.”

Shoemaker head coach Connie White said, “I was ecstatic about Joseph Henry’s 279. I’ve seen him really improve the last two years. He is taking bowling a lot more serious than before and it’s paying off.”

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