The things that go bump in the night came out 12 days before Halloween at the Monster Mash Bash at the Clements Boys and Girls Club on Saturday. 

Teams from all four Killeen Independent School District schools competed in the nonregulation meet with some fun relays thrown in.

Although the broomstick, sweatshirt, mask and candy bucket relays didn’t count toward the overall team scores, the swimmers still had some fun and took a break from the swim season routine.

“It boosts the morale for the teams,” Killeen coach Valerie Nogle said. “It does break up the monotony of every weekend doing the same thing.

“The kids always have a really good time with it and that’s why we enjoy doing it.”

Competitors in the broomstick relay had to place a broom between their legs and swim in an upward style and try to emulate a witch riding a broom.

Swimmers in the mask relay had to wear a Halloween mask over their swim goggles, swim their leg of the relay and the next swimmer puts the mask on before he or she was allowed to get in the water.

Similarly, participants in the sweatshirt race had to swim their leg in a sweatshirt then pass it on to the next teammate that was up.

The Shoemaker relay teams had the best showing of any KISD school with three teams finishing on the podium.

The Lady Grey Wolves took third in the girls 100-yard freestyle broomstick relay (3 minutes, 29.80 seconds) while the Grey Wolves took third both the 100 free mask relay (1:18.86) and 100 free candy bucket (1:11.54).

“To see them swim with the mask underwater was really neat,” Shoemaker coach Monte Allwein said.

The Harker Heights Lady Knights relay team finished second in the 100 free broomstick race (3:05.42) while the Knights finished second in the boys 100 free sweatshirt relay (2:04.86).

The Killeen Lady Kangaroos relay teams had a strong showing with a second and third place finish.

The Lady Roos took second in the 100 free sweatshirt (2:28.60) and third in the 100 free candy bucket (2:08.68) relays.

The Ellison Eagles boys relay team of Trent Tantro, Yandel Ramos, Antonio Cousins and Zyan Russell took the bronze in the boys 100 free broomstick relay (2:37.26).

Shoemaker’s Tate takes third

Kejuan Tate finished third in boys 50 breaststroke (34.48), less than three second behind winner Riley Engquist of Cedar Park Vista Ridge.

Tate was also a part of the Grey Wolves 100 free relay team that won the candy bucket race.

Three Lady Knights win bronze

The Heights trio of Leslie Navarro, Anna Lahmon and Caitlin Fleming each took third place in three different races.

Navarro’s bronze came in the 50 backstroke (43.35), Lahmon’s came in the 50 breaststroke (44.49) and Fleming’s came in the 100 breaststroke (1:20.84).

Fleming was also a part of the girls 100 free relay team that finished third in the broomstick relay.

Wilson leads Killeen

Junior Natalie Wilson had the best showing of any Killeen swimmer, finishing fourth in the girls 50 backstroke (49.55).

She also helped the girls relay team take fifth in the 100 broomstick relay (3:56.81).

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