With the pitch still moist with morning dew, and the early morning sun slowly heating up, young Central Texas soccer players geared up for another day of instruction, drills and most importantly, fun.

Put on by Challenger Sports, the largest soccer camp provider in the United States and Canada, the British Soccer Camp held at Lions Club Park, hosted 60 children last week in Killeen. Ranging in age from 3 to 18, the campers received instruction from a team of young British coaches flown to the United States exclusively to work on these programs.

 “It has been a great week,” said Jack Sarahs, one of the coaches for the British Soccer Camp. “With the younger ones we try and get them engaged in soccer by having a lot of fun, with the slightly older children we start incorporating more technical things, and as you go up the age groups we try and work on more skill-based drills, to improve their overall game.”

Some of the camper’s parents noticed a rapid rise in their children’s skill and ability following attending the camp.

“I think this camp is great,” said Brooke Corry, a stay-at-home soccer mom with sons attending the camp. “This is our second year in a row doing it and the coaches do such an amazing job, they are so patient and professional.”

Corry believes that the camp has been exceptionally beneficial to her 6-year-old son.

“He attended this camp last year during his soccer season,” Corry said. “And he was able to transfer what he learned at camp into his actual games almost instantly, he made quite an improvement … I would definitely recommend the camp.”

Six-year-old campers Matthew Rafgel and Cameron Watts both agreed.

“My favorite part of camp was playing in the soccer games,” Rafgel said. Both campers acknowledged that they “learned a lot,” and “had a lot of fun,” while attending the British Soccer Camp.

Serving over 130,000 children nationwide, the British Soccer Camp expects to coach around 9,000 children in Texas this summer alone.

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