While growing up from junior high phenoms to varsity stars at Harker Heights, twins Cameron and Josh DeLaney and sister Angela were renowned for the grueling early-morning workouts they had participated in since the second grade with father, Pete.

In fact, the workouts didn’t even stop when the trio wrapped up their high school basketball careers this past spring.

“We had like a week or two (off) and after that we started back up again,” Josh said.

And while Josh said the workouts, if anything, became even more intense when their final high school basketball seasons ended, each of the DeLaneys said the offseason workouts they’ve been completing at their respective colleges this summer is a different monster.

“I’m used to it, but it’s a whole other aspect to the game now,” Angela said. “The conditioning’s different — it’s just harder.”

Angela and Josh will play for Sam Houston State this fall while Cameron will play for the University of Denver.

But for each of the DeLaneys, this summer has been a learning process as they prepare to play at the next level at long last.

“Summer’s been treating me good,” Cameron said. “The workouts are pretty intense and brutal, but it’s been getting me better.

“And class, it’s nothing like high school. You have to study and put in a lot of time in the academics area.”

Years ago, Cameron was the first of his siblings allowed to play organized basketball as a reward for having the highest grades.

Last summer, Angela was the first to commit to a school when she gave her pledge to Sam Houston.

This summer, Josh was the first to leave for school as he said he left Heights a week or two early for summer school at Sam Houston.

He has been back in Harker Heights since June, having wrapped up summer school, but not without having his first taste of life balancing sports and academics as a college student athlete.

“It’s a lot to do,” Josh said. “I have 8 a.m. classes and then I get out about 10 and then, if I do eat breakfast, I’ll go eat breakfast.

“Then I have workouts at around 12, not five days a week, but a couple days. Then we lift weights at around 2. And then weights end around 3:30 and around 5-5:30 we have open gym.”

Cameron, of course, has had to adjust not only to his course load and workout regimen but also to a new time zone and the notorious altitude of the Mile-High City.

“When I first got up here, we had a mandatory camp we had to play in,” Cameron said. “First couple of times up the court, I was tired, gasping for air. Then you get used to it.”

Yet despite having hardly seen each other this summer, the DeLaneys said they haven’t had as hard of a time adjusting to life apart as they begin to venture off in different directions.

Apple has helped them out in that regard.

“It’s not bad because we all have iPhones, so we FaceTime each other,” said Cameron, the farthest from home. “And we have social media, so we keep in touch through there.

“And I talk to my parents every day, so it’s not bad.”

And, of course, the DeLaneys are looking forward to establishing new friendships on their respective campuses as well, a process that has already started in ways.

“They’re great,” Angela said of her new teammates, who she was out to dinner with before her interview. “They’re an awesome team.

“They’re like family already.”

But what the DeLaneys are looking most forward to is contributing as freshmen with their respective teams this fall.

And given the nature of that challenge, they already can appreciate the demanding workouts they’ve had this summer.

“(I’m looking forward to) definitely getting stronger,” Josh said. “That’s one thing I have to do because it’s a whole other level when you get up there. Everyone’s that much, 10 times, stronger than they were in high school.

“When the opportunity comes to do something I’ve got to capitalize on whatever they need me to do.”

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