Copperas Cove V. Waco Midway

Copperas Cove wide receiver Floyd Connell races up the field Friday night against Waco Midway at Bulldawg Stadium in Copperas Cove.


MVP — Tanner Mordecai, Waco Midway, Sr.

Offensive Player of the Year — Floyd Connell, Copperas Cove, Sr.

Defensive Player of the Year — Jaxon Player, Waco Midway, Sr.

Offensive Newcomer of the Year — Breezion Spiller, Ellison, So.

Defensive Newcomer of the Year — Jason Stephens, Belton, So.

Staff of the Year — Waco Midway


Quarterback — Marcellus Johnson, Killeen, Sr.

Running Back — James Fullbright, Waco Midway, Jr.; Darren Rector, Belton, Sr.; Jameel Hodges, Harker Heights, Sr.

Fullback — Markel Reo, Harker Heights, Sr.

Receiver — C.J. Williams, Waco Midway, Sr.; Montego Muckelvaney, Killeen, Sr.; Demarcus Degrate, Waco Midway, Jr.; D.J. Dormeus, Killeen, Jr.

Tight End — David Priebe, Waco Midway, Sr.

Center — Daizion Carroll, Waco Midway, Sr.

Guard — Taunty Motu, Harker Heights, Sr.; Caden Quinn, Waco Midway, Jr.

Tackle — Hakeem White, Waco Midway, Sr.; Kaitori Leveston, Waco Midway, Sr.; Sam Pinkey, Harker Heights, Sr.

Utility — Jaquan Tillis, Harker Heights, Sr.; Dylan Taijeron, Copperas Cove, Sr.


Tackle — Dorian Black, Harker Heights, Jr.; Nathalon Nanai, Shoemaker, Sr.

End — Logan Hall, Belton, Sr.; David Benton, Waco Midway, Sr.

Inside Linebacker — Chris Ingram, Killeen, Jr.; Aubrey Kelly, Ellison, Sr.

Outside Linebacker — Grant Graves, Waco Midway, Sr.; Rhomel Dudley, Harker Heights, Jr.; Tulamalosi Lefotu, Killeen, Jr.

Cornerback — William Hooper, Shoemaker, Sr.; Kipshawn Washington, Ellison, Sr.

Safety — Jackson Hicks, Waco Midway, Sr.; Garrison Vaughn, Belton, Sr.; Willie McGee, Killeen, Jr.


Kicker — Morgan Button, Ellison, Sr.

Punter — Morgan Button, Ellison, Sr.

Deep Snapper — Justin Buuck, Belton, Sr.

Returner — Bryce Ranes, Copperas Cove, Sr.


Quarterback — Ta’von Gwynn, Ellison, Sr.; Jaylen Smith, Copperas Cove, Sr.

Running Back — Shontez Simmons, Copperas Cove, Jr.; Ozias Wright, Shoemaker, Sr.; Tye Hill, Ellison, Jr.

Fullback — Marshall Fish, Belton, Sr.

Receiver — Bryce Ranes, Copperas Cove, Sr.; Jyaire Shorter, Ellison, Sr.; Anthony Brown, Belton, Jr.; Chandler Vela, Belton, Sr.; Claude Williams, Shoemaker, Jr.; Dante Thomas, Waco Midway, Jr.

Tight End — Daveon Thomas, Copperas Cove, Sr.

Center — Daniel Baeza, Harker Heights, Sr.; Josh Smith, Copperas Cove, Sr.

Guard — Thomas Bowman, Belton, Fr.; Austin Duenas, Copperas Cove, Sr.; Jaeshon Jackson, Harker Heights, Sr.; Chris Brown, Belton, So.; Zarek Roberts, Ellison, Sr.

Tackle — Aaron Krueger, Belton, Sr.; Kaleb Luna, Ellison, So.; Alyzcha Hentz, Killeen, Sr.

Utility — Zion Love, Killeen, Sr.


Tackle — Juan Jimenez, Copperas Cove, Sr.; Devin Martinez, Belton, Jr.; Andrew Piper, Harker Heights, Sr.; Alonzo Francis, Ellison, Jr.; Everitt Rogers, Ellison, So.

End — Darrell Crowder, Shoemaker, Sr.; Anthony Palmer, Harker Heights, Sr.; Clayton Blank, Belton, Sr.

Inside Linebacker — Matthew Barnhill, Waco Midway, Sr.; Justin Buuck, Belton, Sr.

Outside Linebacker — Mitchell Dunahoo, Belton, Sr.; Tacoda Goodall, Waco Midway, Sr.; Vrashon Walker, Killeen, Sr.; Jalen Maxey, Harker Heights, Sr.

Cornerback — Tiji Paul, Shoemaker, Jr.; Floyd Connell, Copperas Cove, Sr.; Grant Parnell, Waco Midway, Sr.; Tommy Connell, Copperas Cove, Jr.; Tre Berry, Belton, Jr.; Xavier Abalos, Waco Midway, Jr.

Safety — Andy Riley, Copperas Cove, Sr.; Parker Nall, Waco Midway, Jr.; James Parker, Shoemaker, Sr.; Sullivan Sanders, Ellison, Sr.


Kicker — Nyle Tabat, Belton, Sr.

Punter — Logan Smith, Belton, So.

Deep Snapper — Apollo Beck, Shoemaker, Jr.

Returner — D.J. Dormeus, Killeen, Jr.; Denver Holman, Belton, Jr.; Trevious Hodges, Waco Midway, Jr.

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