• MVP—Riley Lambert, sr., Waco Midway.
  • PITCHER MVP—Will Rigney, jr., Midway.
  • OFFENSIVE MVP—Cameron Johnson, sr., Copperas Cove.
  • CO-DEFENSIVE MVP—Colby Jost, jr., Copperas Cove; Clayton Stewart, Sr., Midway.
  • NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR—Joseph Redfield, soph., Midway.


  • Pitchers—Alnado Lanzo, jr., Killeen; Jaylen Smith, Sr., Copperas Cove; Edward Eakin, jr., Ellison; Jonathon Limon, sr., San Angelo Central; Hayden Landrum, sr., Midway; Jackson Berry, soph., Midway.
  • Catchers—Jackson Rinehart, Jr., Harker Heights; Nixon Brannan, jr., Central.
  • First baseman—Tyler Ingram, sr., Copperas Cove.
  • Second baseman—Cole Nelson, Jr., Central.
  • Shortstop—Couper Cornblum, jr., Midway.
  • Third baseman—Aaron Krueger, sr., Belton.
  • Outfielders—Julian Jasmin, sr., Killeen; Nick Izquierdo, jr., Copperas Cove; Preston Mills, jr., Ellison; Reece Perry, sr., Belton; J.J. Davis, jr., Midway; Hunter Jones, jr., Midway.
  • Utility—Rance Rosas, jr., Central.


  • Pitchers—Zachary Young, sr., Ellison; Trey Neslage, jr., Central; Dylan Blomquist, jr., Belton; Chase King, soph., Belton; Jonathan Olson, jr., Harker Heights; Braden Bowles, sr., Midway.
  • Catcher—Tannor Fischer, sr., Belton.
  • First baseman—Oscar Nino, jr., Central.
  • Second baseman—Shawn Butler, sr., Belton.
  • Shortstop—Kaven Jones, sr., Harker Heights.
  • Third baseman—Josh Ropple, jr., Copperas Cove.
  • Outfielders—Tavion Grant, jr., Killeen; Michael Goudeau, jr., Copperas Cove; Blake Mikeska, jr., Central; Kevin Mial, sr., Shoemaker.
  • Utility—Kyle Figueroa, sr., Shoemaker.

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