Lampasas sophomore Alyssa Ayers set three regional records and won the 114-pound division at the Texas High School Women's Powerlifting Association Region 2, Division 2 meet on Saturday in Del Valle.

Ayers lifted a regional record 780 pounds with her three lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift.

Her 195-pound bench press and 305 deadlift were also regional marks. The trio of regional records were also school records.

Ayers was named Best Lifter Light Classes and was also honored for Best Bench Press Light Classes.

She beat runner-up Kylie Rystad of Gatesville by 150 pounds. Both earned spots in the state meet

Salado's Dorislynn Edmondson won the 181 division by 5 pounds over Fredericksburg's Elizabeth Sebra. Edmondson lifted 810 pounds. Her 350 deadlift was the best in her division.

Salado's Reginia Deen was runner-up by just 5 pounds in the 132 division. She topped the field with her 320 deadlift. Lampasas' Victoria Martinez matched Deen with a 765 total, but lost the body-weight tiebreaker that sent Deen to the state meet.

Gatesville's Alayna Washington was second in the 123 division. Her 300 deadlift led the field.

Gatesville's Savannah Ford was second in the 259 division. Her 380 deadlift was tops in her group.

Lampasas' Cally Reding was fourth in the 259s. She set a school record with a 310-pound squat.

The Lady Badgers finished sixth in the team standings. Salado was seventh, and Gatesville eighth in the 26-school field.

The state meet is March 15 at Waco's Extraco Events Center.

In the Division I (5A-6A) regional, Copperas Cove's Alyssa Arnold dominated the 259-plus division, winning by 250 pounds. All of her lifts led the field by at least 40 pounds. And she was among the lightest lifters in her division.

Arnold squatted 540 pounds, benched 300 and deadlifted 450 for a total of 1,290.

Belton's Angela Ferrer finished fifth in the 259-plus division, but she posted the second-best Class 6A total to join Arnold at the state meet.

Belton's Kaylee Hausam was second in the 259 division. Ellison's Lagi AhSang was 5 pounds behind in third, but her total of 1,025 qualified her for the state meet. Her 445 deadlift easily topped the field.

Belton's Izzy Gutierrez was sixth in the 165 division, but qualified for state with her 850 total.

Belton's Jaci Cauble was third in the 123 class, and Cove's Alyssa Wright was sixth. Both qualified for state with their totals.

Belton's Paige Bridenstine punched her state ticket with a second-place finish in the 114 division.

Belton's five state qualifiers helped the Lady Tigers finish third in the team standings.

The state meet for 6A is March 16 at Waco's Extraco Events Center.

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