Ellison earned a 1-0 victory over Harker Heights on Friday night at home in front of a bleacher full of fans.

“Having a crowd always helps,” Ellison head coach Niles Dunnells said of the game atmosphere. “Any time we’re playing Harker Heights, it’s going to draw a crowd.”

The first half saw multiple goal attempts from both sides.

Ellison’s shots carried a tad too high hitting the crossbar — twice.

Each time the crowd let out a groan because of how close the Eagles came to scoring.

By halftime, neither team could get one past the other and they sat tied 0-0.

Heights looked to score in the 62nd minute as Angelo Quintero dribbled in and shot but Ellison goalie Frank Evans was there to catch it to make the save.

In the 65th minute, Gerardo Ramirez tried once more to put the Knights up but his shot was just wide of the net.

Ellison saw Ethan Buchanan sprinting down the left but couldn’t slow down enough in time as he shot toward the side of the net in the 67th minute.

Buchanan tried again in the 69th minute from the right right side of the field the ball went wide.

Ellison got a penalty kick and striker Keondre Taylor kicked the ball into the top right to score the winning goal in the 76th minute.

“After Keondre made that kick, they found their way through it and they were able to close it down the last four minutes of the game,” Dunnells said of his team finding their momentum.

“I challenged them before the game to make the game matter,” he said. “It was important to them and they wanted to get the win over Harker Heights.

“I couldn’t be prouder.”

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