The Florence Buffaloes took the field for the first time against an opponent under Joey McQueen last Friday when they scrimmaged the Early Longhorns.

Though no one scored when the first teams faced each other, McQueen was encouraged by the progress the team showed during his first preseason practices leading up to the scrimmage. McQueen talked with the Herald’s Albert Alvarado about the scrimmage with Early and the team’s upcoming scrimmage with Dawson.

What are your thoughts on the Early scrimmage?

I was pretty proud of the way our kids competed. The effort was there. Was the football intelligence there? What we call FBI, there? Not exactly. We had some fumbled snaps because there was a Division I nose guard (Landon Beck) who’s going to Texas State lined up on our center. We had some blown assignments, but all of those things are correctable and we’ll get better and better. It’s just one of those things. I thought we did pretty well for the first scrimmage and running this offense against another opponent.

Are you encouraged about where this team is at?

Yeah. Their attitude is great and that’s all I ask of them. Give me effort and want to learn. If you’re learning the new stuff in practice, they’re going to get better because the coaching staff isn’t going to allow them to be mediocre. We’re excited about what we have. It doesn’t come easy, but don’t cry about it. Find a way to do it and compete every day.

How much experimenting did you do with the personnel and schemes?

We go into a scrimmage, especially the first one, with a script offensively. Your O.C. wants to run those plays even though they might not be the right one at that time, like you would in a game. Those are things that you could look at and you’d game plan more leading into a regular game if they went to a certain defense. And then, defensively, you just want to play your base stuff. This week we’ll put our blitz package in and try to put the pressure on. By game time, Aug. 29, hopefully you have it in to where you can compete with your opponent.

How happy were the players to face another team after almost two weeks of practice?

It’s a different opponent, they have a nice turf field and we got a new look with a different opponent. It brought an atmosphere that let the kids know they could go through without dying and let them know they were in shape.

It’s just a good experience to go up against someone else besides yourself.

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