When the Tee Off Junior Golf League held its first tournament for its Champions League on Monday, it was a smoothly run nine holes by 18 players who had, more or less, competed before. 

The second tournament, which will be held Monday at Stonetree Golf Club again, will be a different type of affair.

“They’re just going to learn everything in this one,” said Jeff Aschee, Athletic Coordinator for the city of Harker Heights. “While the Champions kind of knew everything that goes into competition.”

The league has more than 60 participants and the ones who don’t compete in the Champions League — designed for more experienced golfers, most of whom have competed before — play in the Juniors League.

Monday was the first tournament for the Champions League and now, this Monday, the Juniors League will have its first tournament, which begins at 6 p.m.

And Aschee was excited for the Juniors League tournament after the way the Champions League tournament went this past week.

“It went really well,” Aschee said. “There’s some kids out there that can flat-out play.”

Now, the attention turns to the Juniors League who will mostly be playing competitively for the first time Monday.

The division will be separated into groups of six with two kids from each team paired with two kids from an opposing team.

Whoever scores the lowest of each teammate on each hole will have his/her score recorded for the overall total.

The Juniors League will only play four holes, rather than nine like the Champions League.

But Aschee said he and the staff hope that the kids can still learn plenty from the experience.

“We’re looking for them to learn something more from this tournament,” Aschee said. “Kind of the etiquette of the game and then how competition is going to work.”

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