Cory Jefferson Camp

Former Killeen High star Cory Jefferson helps divide the campers into age groups at his inaugural Cory Jefferson Basketball Camp on Aug. 8, 2015, at Killeen High School.

Former Killeen High School great Cory Jefferson will be hosting his second annual Youth Basketball Camp on Saturday. 

There is no fee and the camp is open to all kids, boys and girls, ages 7 to 17.

The camp will be held at Killeen High School and begins at 9 a.m. and runs through 3 p.m.

“Hopefully we’ll have a big camp again this year,” Jefferson said. “We want everyone to get something out of this camp that can help them athletically.”

Jefferson led the Kangaroos to three consecutive 30-plus-win seasons and graduated in 2009.

Baylor won a frenzied recruiting derby to land Jefferson and was duly rewarded.

Jefferson broke into the starting lineup in his junior year (2012-13), averaged 13 points and seven rebounds and helped the Bears win the NIT championship.

In 2013-14, Jefferson averaged 13 points and eight rebounds and led Baylor to the NCAA Sweet 16. Jefferson finished his collegiate career with 60 double-digit scoring games.

In 2014, Jefferson was the first Killeen player ever drafted into the NBA. He played his first season with Brooklyn then moved to Phoenix. This summer, he played on Cleveland’s Summer League team and was invited to the Cavaliers training camp this October.

“This camp in Killeen is a way for me to give back to the people of Killeen,” Jefferson said. “My mother (Fancy Pace) always has a big heart and she always taught me to lend a hand anywhere I could. So this camp is a way for me to help encourage and teach others.”

Jefferson’s goals for the camp are to continue the development for previous campers and introduce new skills for incoming campers. There will be a focus on ball-handling fundamentals and proper shooting form.

“With basketball, you are never too young to start learning strong fundamentals,” Jefferson said. “And, of course, you are never too old to start either. I didn’t start playing basketball until I was in seventh grade and it wasn’t until I was a sophomore at high school that I realized basketball could take me far if I became dedicated to it.”

To register for the camp, go to Jefferson’s website at

Youngsters can also register at the event itself. Pre-registration is encouraged.

While other professional athletes often charge a fee to their camps, Jefferson wouldn’t even allow discussion of such a thing.

“I want this camp to be free,” Jefferson said. “I don’t want families to worry about the cost of a basketball camp while they also have to worry about the cost of school supplies and other expenses. I care a great deal about the Killeen community and I want our camp to be a place where kids enjoy themselves — and learn some key skills at the game.”

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