Seven Grey Wolves made their commitments to various universities and colleges as they signed national letters of intent to compete across four sports on Wednesday.

Deant’E Goffney chose to take the junior college route and signed to play football for Cisco College, where he’s looking forward to growing as an athlete.

Knowing that former teammates from Shoemaker still play for the Wranglers helped Goffney in making his decision.

“I feel like there will be more chemistry,” he explained. “They can teach me some things and I can learn from watching them.”

Fellow footballer Mi’Idris Guy signed to play at Wayland Baptist in Plainview.

“It feels really good, it shows I accomplished something in life,” Guy said.

Grey Wolves baseball had two players sign: shortstop Kevin Mial with Temple College, and catcher Kyle Figueroa with Howard Payne.

“I’m very proud of those guys; they’ve worked really hard since I got here,” head coach Robert Conley said. “It’s great to see when they get to continue to play at the next level.

“It’s everyone’s dream when they start to play baseball to be able to play at the college level, and these two will be fortunate enough to do that.”

After keeping his options open throughout the process, Mial decided he wanted to stay close to home for the first two years.

“I just decided that the (junior college) route would be best for me,” he said. “I can go ahead and jump in the first year and start playing.”

Since he’s already graduated with an associate’s degree from Texas Bioscience Institute, Figueroa chose to sign with HPU in order to major in computer information as an undergraduate with plans to study business as a graduate student.

On the basketball court, boys head coach Brandon Gilbert introduced Du’Wain Thomas before Thomas signed with Kansas Wesleyan.

After a district championship in the 2016-2017 season, Gilbert stepped in as head coach this year and led the Thomas, and the Grey Wolves, to another playoff appearance.

“It’s always special to see one of the guys you coach go on to play at the next level,” he said. “(Thomas) is one of those kids that’s been motivated since day one and he knew basketball was something he wanted, so he worked on it day after day.

“I can’t take full credit. His parents did a great job, the staff before me did a great job and I just kind of jumped on board, but it means a lot.”

Admitting that he’s not the most vocal player, Thomas said he was drawn to play for the Coyotes because of the family atmosphere he got from the team.

“Hopefully, I want to play for all four years,” he said of his goals. “Hopefully, win a championship, get my degree and get a good job.”

Lady Grey Wolves basketball saw guard Kaleiyah Davis sign to play for Jarvis Christian College.

Although head coach Michelle Alderson was out most of the season on maternity leave, she noticed how Davis — along with her best friend and teammate Charlene Shepherd — stepped up as a leader in her absence.

“She really stepped up and took control of everything,” Alderson said. “And I think she did a very good job in that.”

Christopher Williams sat at the table wearing just a few of the medals he’s earned throughout high school, taking in the moment as he prepared to sign to wrestle for Jarvis Christian College.

For a guy who initially went out for the wrestling team because his friend suggested it, and then had back-to-back appearances at the state championship, this was a day he didn’t think was possible.

“I got a weird feeling inside because I’ve only seen this on TV,” Williams said. “I never actually thought I was going to be the one doing it.

“It’s a new adventure.”

Jarvis currently doesn’t have a wrestling team but Williams was recruited to help establish the program in its inaugural season next year.

“(The athletic director) messaged me and asked if I was interested in starting the wrestling program,” he said. “It’ll be a new experience.” | 254-501-7562

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