Shoemaker is approaching the game one yard at a time.

After tying the game twice during Friday’s annual Navy and White Game, the Grey Wolves’ Navy team earned a 21-20 victory.

The winning play came at the start of the fourth quarter after the Navy team worked its way to the White team’s 1-yard line to close out the third period. Raymond James battled his way through the White team’s defense up the middle and into the end zone to solidify the win for the Navy team.

Ka’jari Herrera brought the White team within sights of evening the score as he ran the ball 52 yards down the right side of the field for a touchdown with 46 seconds left on the clock.

A tie wasn’t enough for the White team, though, as it attempted a two-point conversion, but the Navy team’s defense held long enough to take the win.

“I’m extremely pleased, because we got out with no injuries,” Shoemaker head coach Toby Foreman said, “and that was our base offense and base defense.”

With graduation just a week away, the next class of Shoemaker seniors closed out their last spring practice by proving they’re ready to take control of the program.

Throughout the past four weeks,

Foreman has taken note of the juniors who will lead his team in the fall, and at the forefront are Devin Owens, Jalen Guillory and Morgan Anderson.

“All three of those guys have stepped up,” Foreman said. “They’ve put in good work and had great offseasons.”

Owens and Guillory are coming off successful track seasons, while Anderson competed up to the state level in wrestling during the winter.

“They’ve all had good springs leading up to where we’re at right now,” Foreman said. “They’re leading by example, so I’m pleased with where they’re at right now overall as far as stepping into their leadership roles.”

One position the Grey Wolves need to fill, however, is quarterback.

“We legitimately have three good quarterbacks,” Foreman said, “and any of the three can be a starter.”

Upcoming senior Xavier Callaway played receiver last season, but Foreman said he has seen the junior step into the role under center, while sophomore Tyjayzeon Bell led the junior varsity squad last year, and Omari Evans played quarterback for the freshman team.

“I think sometimes, ‘Maybe it’s him or maybe it’s him,’” Foreman said, “but we won’t know until after the summer and two-a-days, but I trust all three of them with my team.

“It’s going to come down to the small things, the leadership qualities and who can execute the most.”

Regardless of who emerges with the job, Foreman believes his players are prepared for the fall.

“We had 16 practices and a game,” Foreman said of the spring season. “We had weather push us in the gym one day, but I think we got a lot accomplished.

“I know we’re a lot further ahead right now than we have been in the last few years, and I’m extremely excited going into the summer time.” | 254-501-7562

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