A storm from Temple blew into town Thursday night, and Shoemaker was in its path.

The Wildcats (4-0, 2-0 District 12-6A) beat Shoemaker (0-3, 0-1) 42-6 at Leo Buckley Stadium in the Grey Wolves’ district opener.

Shoemaker’s defense held Temple back before a sideline interference placed the Wildcats within scoring position at the 37-yard line.

Temple senior quarterback Jared Wiley found Quinton Johnson for a touchdown to give the Wildcats an early 7-0 lead.

The Wildcats added another touchdown late in the quarter as senior running back De’Jon Overton found a gap in the Shoemaker defense which allowed him to rush up the middle for a 24-yard touchdown.

As the clock counted down, Grey Wolves’ quarterback Mark Walker

tried rushing down the right before being tackled out of bounds.

Walker was down but D’Ashton Merida tackled him once more, leading to a personal foul for hitting a man already down and an automatic Shoemaker first down at 46-yard line to start the second quarter.

The next quarter started with another penalty on Temple for an automatic Grey Wolves’ first down that was fumbled away for a turnover that started the Wildcats on their own 46-yard line.

“My receivers did a poor job of catching the ball tonight,” Shoemaker head coach Toby Foreman said. “(Mark) put the ball on the money four or five times and we had some drops.

“I don’t care about the rain. You’ve got to catch the ball if it hits you in the hands.”

Mike Santos-Adames sacked Wiley to forced Temple back to second-and-15.

It wasn’t enough to stop Wiley from moving the offense up the field and completing a 28-yard pass to senior tight end Isaiah Robledo for a one-handed catch in the end zone.

Temple led 21-0 in the middle of the second quarter.

The Shoemaker offense couldn’t make much happen before Overton rushed for 18 yards to put the Wildcats in sight of the end zone once more.

He found a gap up the middle of the Grey Wolves’ defense to score and extend Temple’s lead. The Wildcats attempted a two-point conversion but a penalty was called on Shoemaker.

The Wildcats went for the kick on the replay to lead 28-0 late in the half.

The second half went much like the first for Temple as they added another 14 points in the third quarter and called in the backup quarterback -- junior Vance Willis.

Halfway through the fourth quarter, the Grey Wolves put in senior quarterback Jaylin Dixon.

Dixon found senior wide receiver Claude Williams in the corner for a 12-yard touchdown to put the Grey Wolves on the board.

With nothing to lose, Shoemaker went for the two-point conversion that slipped right through sophomore wide receiver Dashawn McCubbins’ hands. The Wolves trailed 42-6 with 4 minutes, 26 second left in the game.

“At the end of the day I’m going to coach 48 minutes and I expect them to play 48 minutes,” said Foreman. “We didn’t do that against Midlothian, and you cannot be successful and you’ll never be great as a program like that.

“So we’ve got to build this thing, like I’ve said before, from the bottom up.”

Devin Brown led the Grey Wolves in rushing with 72 yards on 15 carries, and Walker added another 22 yards on four carries.

Walker completed 9 of 21 pass attempts for 82 yards.

Overton led the Wildcats’ offense with 195 yards on 26 carries, and he was followed by Vance Willis with 60 yards on three carries, while Ky’Juan Pugh and Josh Murrell added 34 yards on eight carries each.

Wiley completed 7 of 15 pass attempts for 132 yards and two touchdowns.

Shoemaker will look the break their 24-game losing streak next week against Belton.

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