LAMPASAS — Nola Bishop had been there before — down early and her turn to serve.  

Maybe that’s why the sophomore’s 16-straight point streak seemed almost effortless. The streak paved the way for Lampasas’ three-game sweep of Manor 25-15, 25-16, 25-20 in the season opener for both teams Tuesday.

While playing for her seventh-grade team three years ago, Bishop reeled off a 24-point service streak that won her squad that day’s match. Tuesday’s streak against the Lady Mustangs wasn’t nearly as long and only helped the Lady Badgers (1-0) win the first game, but to Bishop it is far more impressive.

“Today’s (streak) is way better because it’s varsity and not middle school,” said Bishop. “Plus to be a sophomore on varsity is such an honor and to be able to help this team means so much.”

During the streak the Lady Badgers lone senior Madi Phillips contributed two of her team-high seven kills, two blocks, and an assist. She also closed out the game with back-to-back kills.

“Plays like that are what make runs happen — you can’t get an ace every time,” Bishop said. “We are close, like a family, and play for each other.”

Bishop ripped two aces but was a kill by the sophomore that started the run. Manor helped a bit too by committing 10 errors during the streak that saw a 4-0 Lady Mustangs advantage morph into a 16-4 Lampasas chokehold. The Lady Badgers didn’t release their grip the rest of the match.

“We only have seven girls on varsity — we are always going to be under-manned,” said Lampasas head coach Kecia Davis. “We are going to have to serve like Nola did tonight — all of us. We have to be better conditioned than everyone else too. We have to be able to compete in those matches that go five games.”

Davis is also depending on an aggressive style of defensive play that will force their opponents into less-than-optimal situations, in addition to hustle plays and communication.

Ashlyn Theus provided the hustle plays while Bishop and Webb helped out in the communication department, with Theus diving left and right on her way to tallying six digs. Bishop and Webb combined for 12 assists, respectively.

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