• December 26, 2014


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New Year's Eve at Wildflower: Dr. Gleam ‘guarantees a good time’

Dr. Gleam, the live jazz group made up of musicians from Killeen’s Swingtime Big Band, will ring in 2015 at Wildflower Country Club’s New Year’s Eve bash.

On a child’s Christmas list, video games rein supreme

The days of Red Ryder BB Guns and GI Joe action figures have long passed. Ask any child, and most adults, what they want for Christmas, and answer is likely to be “Destiny,” “Assassin’s Creed” or “Super Smash Brothers.”

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The penguins are back: ‘Penguins’ has plenty for kids, parents

Blame it on lowered expectations for the umpteenth cartoon starring those commando penguins from “Madagascar,” over-exposed little darlings who stole all those movies and went on to star in their own spin off TV series.

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