Vicky Boone Casting Company will hold an open casting call for a major feature film from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday at the Killeen Arts & Activities Center, 802 N. Second St.

The Austin-based company is looking for nonactors to play a wide variety of roles in the film. They seek a range of ages, from younger people in their 20s and 30s up through older, retiree-age people. The diverse casting welcomes all ethnicities and backgrounds.

The film will shoot in Central Texas. Those chosen won’t just be extras — they will have actual roles in the film and be compensated as professional actors, Boone said.

“We’re looking for people with a spontaneous nature … people who are expressive and have their own point of view and their own story to tell,” she said.

Types range broadly, including everything from risk-takers, military spouses, adventurers, travelers, single moms, drinking buddies, motorcyclists and gamblers, according to a news release.

“This is our first casting call in Killeen, and also our first near a military base,” Boone said. “I’m excited to see what kind of stories come from people in that environment.”

The agency also is interested in auditioning people who have experienced the criminal justice system in some form, whether as an inmate or a parole officer. Those who work in the nightlife scene also are of interest. Primarily, the goal of the casting call is to find engaging people with “interesting lives” for the film, Boone said.

No appointment is necessary for the casting call, which consists of a short discussion with a member of the casting team and possibly an on-camera interview.

Vicky Boone has done the regional casting for “The Tree of Life,” starring Brad Pitt, and newly released films “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,” starring Casey Affleck, and “Parkland,” starring Paul Giamatti, according to a news release. Contact with questions.

Contact Madison Lozano​ at or 254-501-7552.

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