Fans of stand-up comedy and live jazz music won’t have far to travel this weekend, as Killeen’s Crescent Lounge presents a comedy showcase Saturday and Dr. Gleam onstage Sunday.

The “We Got Next” comedy show will bring several stand-up comedians to the nightspot, according to Quenton Coleman, creator of the event.

“We’ve done this show 20 times in Dallas,” he said. “Each comic will do 20 to 30 minutes. The show runs about two hours total.”

Coleman, who does a stand-up stint in addition to hosting the evening, Grant Crosslin, Junebug and headliner Shay Clemons will be featured.

While the names may be unfamiliar, each has years of experience, Coleman said. “Grant has been doing comedy for eight years, and Junebug worked as a writer and host at K104.5 FM in Dallas for 13 years.”

The comics will have merchandise for sale at the show, including DVDs and apparel, and the goal is for each audience member to leave the event with a new favorite comedian, Coleman said. “These are the next up and coming guys — and you see them up close and personal. You can reach out and touch them, give them a hug, take photos.”

The second half of the Crescent’s weekend returns Killeen’s own Dr. Gleam to the bandstand on Sunday.

“This band plays a big variety of music,” said Crescent owner Anthony Rodriguez, “and they play lots of different instruments, too.”

Trumpet, flugelhorn, mellophonium and the random baritone sax combine with keyboards and percussion to make up the eclectic Dr. Gleam. The band plays jazz classics, bebop tunes, funk and Latin selections, and has performed at the Crescent many times, Rodriguez noted.

“It’s a goal of ours to book quality local talent, and support local bands,” he said, “and Dr. Gleam brings that musical excitement — they make it happen.”

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