CTC Foundation awards scholarships

The Central Texas College Foundation recently held a reception to honor its 2012-13 scholarship winners. The Foundation awarded 125 scholarships totaling $116,000 based on academic performance and financial need:

  • Agnes Haug Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Allison Gallegos
  • Agriculture Department Endowed Scholarship: Ashley Stephens, Michael Kirschner
  • Air Con Club Scholarship: Angie Smith, Anthony Hernandez
  • Al Ornstein Endowed Scholarship: Shannyn Fallon, Brooke Field, Brandon Klutey, Justin Alwine
  • Amy and Henry Campbell Endowed Scholarship: Anthony Alonzo, Christopher Lorenzo
  • Catherine Mason CTAEYCE Endowed Scholarship: Pamela Johnson
  • Band of Angels Scholarship: Tiffany Livingston, Suzanne Chandler, Bernardine Busano
  • Bernice and Sis Beck Music Scholarship: Peter Aguon, Thomas Cardenas
  • Bernice M. Beck Endowed Banking Scholarship: Ashton Phillips, Chona Scott
  • Bob and Tuke Shoemaker Endowed Scholarship: Dianna Yarber
  • CTC and TSU Scholarship: Brittany Burdick
  • CTC Fine Arts Concert Series Scholarship: Robert Mason, Felicia Johnson
  • CTC Humanities Scholarship: Phillip Crawford, Alesha Duff
  • CTC Law, Business and Office Service Scholarship: Julie Worley
  • CTC Media and Technology Endowed Scholarship: David Otero, Miranda Goff
  • CTC Retiree Association Endowed Scholarship: Cyrenna Edwards
  • CTC Science Endowed Scholarship: David McMillen, Angel Rubina
  • Chancellor’s Endowed Scholarship: Petra Kleis, Boycie Dobbins, Curtis Swalley, Meghan Barr
  • Charles F. Haug Endowed Scholarship: Marla O’Sullivan
  • Beth Cheatham Office Administration Scholarship: Stephanie Moyeno
  • CTC Christmas Affair Endowed Scholarship; Chandra Bowers
  • Col. Ret. Thoams “Tiny” and Nora Wesson Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Jennifer Crilly
  • David H. O’Neall Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Bryan Glover
  • Dr. James and Lois Anderson Endowed Scholarship: Katrina McAndrew
  • Ed Jasuta Telecommunications Memorial Scholarship: Christina Cowart
  • Eugene Rorie Endowed Scholarship: Andromada McFarland
  • Eugene Smith Endowed Scholarship: Tyler Michalek, Brilina Bostic
  • CTC Faculty Senate Competency-Based Skill Center Scholarship: Sandra Blackwell
  • CTC Faculty Senate Endowed Scholarship: Cassandra Freed
  • Florence and Tolley Moore Memorial Scholarship: Kanisha Strasser, Angela Irwin-Alred, Darnesha Donahue
  • Frankie Baggett Endowed Fine Arts Scholarship: Jordan Brinkman
  • Four Winds Intertribal Society Paula Brock Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Michael Locklear
  • Genevieve Shemwell Nursing Scholarship: Kenneth Meyer
  • Geeks and Nerds Scholarship: Marissa Little, Linda Yates, Julieann Nelson, Nicole Worth, Brittany Mendiola, Kaitlyn Covert, Cassandra Brown, Andrea Kiser, Brianna Holden, Samantha Wheeler
  • Gilmore Senior Citizens Center Endowed Scholarship: Sharon White
  • Golden Deeds Recipients Endowed Scholarship: Dietrich Urquhart, Linda Penitusi
  • Gordon Graves Green Vest Boys & Girls Club Scholarship: Zachary Hudson, Bianca Nickleberry, Jaricka Thomas, Danyale Higgs, Amber Hudson, Demaria Henderson
  • Guinn and Darlene Fergus Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Donald Davis, Kyla Duffy
  • Helen Bigham Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Leigh Duncan, Michelle Mulligan, Christine Dye
  • Hilliard Life Insurance Scholarship: Candace Walker, Kristin Pangelinan, Lorena Gallo, Crystal Acosta
  • Heart O’ Texas Federal Credit Union Juanita C. Williams Endowed Scholarship: Hearther Lacroix
  • Horace Grace African-American Studies and Research Endowed Scholarship: James Passley, Regino Adkins
  • John .E. Alexander Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Laura Mikuseviciute, Jimmy Elrod
  • Joyce Wright Memorial Endowed Real Estate Scholarship: Madeline Rodriguez
  • Kandace and Dennis Eakin Endowed Scholarship: Jessica Siverly
  • Killeen Volunteer, Inc. Endowed Scholarship: Kermaine Lockett
  • LULAC Council 4534 Foundation Scholarship: Silvia Kirven
  • Lindley Endowed Scholarship: Matthew Fischer
  • Local Heroes Endowed Scholarship: Lisa Rios
  • Lott, Vernon and Co., P.C. Endowed Scholarship: Cynthia Newhall
  • Lovett Ledger Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Kim Yi Ju
  • Metroplex Health System Henderson Garrett Endowed Scholarship: Betty Joan Wilson, Angela Simms, Luz Monfreda, Joanne Hill
  • O’Connell Robertson and Associates Endowed Scholarship: Killian Brooks
  • Phyllis Allen Barron Endowed Nursing Scholarship: Debra Cranfill
  • E.H. and Lorette Rhode Endowed Scholarship: Flogert Bardhi
  • Roy and Volta Reynolds Endowed Scholarship: Christopher Post, Diondra Hamm, Deann Ries
  • Ruby Brown Delta Omega Endowed Nursing Scholarship: Amy Carroll
  • Sherene Brewer and CTAEYC Scholarship: Stefany Weller
  • Selma Holfgott Paralegal Scholarship: Yeun Collins
  • Single Mothers Endowed Scholarship: Rysheich Nicholson, Kathryn Dunning, Lina Perez, Laura Smith, Yvonne Almaguer
  • Dr. Ray Stanley and Dr. Billie Laney Endowed Scholarship: Samary Taylor, Katrina Dillon
  • Dr. Stephen and Lydia Vancura Endowed Scholarship: Anthony Holstrom
  • Students In Free Enterprise Endowed Scholarship: Taryn Ellis, Salvador Arizmendez
  • Dr. W.A. and Mrs. Joyce Roach Endowed Scholarship in Nursing: Robin Busch, Brendan Stanco
  • Jane and Sid Wieser Vocational/Technical Endowed Scholarship: Ronald Allred, Rebekka Hansen, Gabriel Montgomery, Christy Martinez
  • William Chris Wilson Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Tiara Green

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