Hettie Halstead dance

COPPERAS COVE — As students eagerly started school, they have been introduced to a new incentive program.

Hettie Halstead Elementary School staff have been busy this summer incorporating “CHAMPS” and Bulldawg Bucks for their campus. The students are given over 10 opportunities to earn Bulldawg Bucks for exemplary behavior each school day. Then the students can buy multiple items with the earned Bulldawg Bucks.

The back-to-school dance on Aug. 28 was the first event scheduled for the students to buy into. The cost of the dance was 40 Bulldawg Bucks and is a great way to welcome students back to school, plus kick off the new program.

As the dance grew closer, everyone’s anticipation and excitement began to show. Kindergarten thru second-grade students began their dance at 2:15 p.m.

“This dance is great and I earned a lot of Bulldawg Bucks,” second-grader Sophia Phelps said.

The group danced and had fun until 2:30, and when it ended Melody Ward from Kindergarten announced, “The music was beautiful, I had fun, and I want to dance more” to her classmates.

As the Kinder through second dance ended, third- through fifth-grade students were making their ways to the gym.

As they entered, music was playing and dancing began immediately. Third-grader Alvion Candia Brownlee told several people that “this dance is a good idea,” and teachers agreed.

When asked about the dance and Bulldawg Bucks, Danisha Triplett and Melissa Jackson, fourth grade, said “It’s awesome, it is a cool new reward system and we think we are going to like it a lot”.

Students had a great time unwinding, dancing and knowing they worked hard to be there. Teachers and staff enjoyed the dance just as much.

“I loved it, I enjoyed dancing with my students,” said Tanya Crook, PPCD aide.

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