Black Red Black

The Austin-based organ trio Black Red Black — trumpeter Ephraim Owens, organist Red Young and drummer Brannen Temple — noted for their straight ahead jazz stylings, will perform at Temple's Cultural Activities Center Saturday.

Courtesy of Todd V. Wolfson

Straight-ahead, live jazz is on the entertainment menu at Temple’s Cultural Activities Center on Saturday, and the entree is Black Red Black, the Austin organ trio who will cook up some smoking delights for the center’s Jazz & Blues series.

In their alter ego as the Ephraim Owens Experience, trumpeter Owens, drummer Brannen Temple and organist Red Young have been popular on the Austin live music scene. For Saturday’s gig, they’ll play “straight ahead soul and traditional jazz as well as their own compositions,” according to the CAC’s website.

Temple also had credits as a composer, producer and band leader. An Austin native, he began his musical explorations at age 10 and developed his various skills “via the large blends of sounds from the South.”

Young, originally from Fort Worth, has a classical background tempered by an R&B indoctrination with B.B. King, Lightnin’ Hopkins and fellow Fort Worthian Delbert McClinton. He is expected to perform on a classic, mahogany-encased Hammond B3 organ — no doubt with the fabled Leslie loudspeaker cabinet nestled close by.

Owens was a standout musician as a student at Booker T. Washington Arts Magnet High School in Dallas, and has resided in Austin for the past 12 years. His sound and physical appearance bear uncanny resemblance to jazz trumpet legend Lee Morgan, and he is regarded as a cornerstone of the Austin live music scene.

Black Red Black is the finale for the CAC’s six concerts in the Jazz & Blues season, a first-time, six-show series that showcased Texas-based musicians.

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