Businesses and charities are rolling out the red carpet tonight to benefit Killeen’s homeless.

The Musical Night of Hope event starts at 7 p.m. at the Killeen Arts & Activities Center, 802 N. Second St. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Organizer Calvin Moultrie, founder of the Men of Unity faith-based charity, said he hopes to bring nonprofits, business owners and city leaders together to build partnerships and awareness about the city’s growing homeless problem.

Killeen is a city of more than 132,000 — the largest in Bell County — and it does not have a general-use homeless shelter.

“If we can make the need to help our homeless a need for every citizen in Killeen, we will have met our goal,” Moultrie said.

Major sponsors for the event include the city of Killeen, Men of Unity, the NAACP and Spectrum Printing.

Representatives of the Killeen Heritage House and other nonprofit organizations, which service the area’s indigent or homeless population, will take part in the conversation.

“Any type of need that a homeless person would have we want to have people there who can help them,” Moultrie said.

More than 200 people are confirmed for the “dress-up” event, Moultrie said.

After an hour of discussion about homelessness in Killeen, attendees will hear a performance by two jazz fusion bands, Preferred Nomenclature and Equinox.

Music will be an important feature of the event, said Moultrie, who performs with Equinox and is a member of the Heritage House.

“Jazz seems to soothe people and make the mind at ease, so you can really think about giving to your community,” Moultrie said.

“All of it goes to help out our overall goal to build a homeless shelter in Killeen.”

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