The Pausitive Band is performing at the Tablerock Gospel Festival in Salado tonight and Saturday.

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For nearly 20 years, gospel music lovers have found a haven at the Tablerock Gospel Festival of Salado. Musicians will travel from all over the state to perform for the fest.

“It’s an all-day affair,” said Jackie Mills, vice president of the Tablerock board of directors. “Almost like the old revival days. Kind of a hearkening back to the old ‘singin’

and eatin’ on the grounds’ events.”

The event this weekend will give visitors a chance to eat and listen at their own pace. The amphitheater will be offering burgers, hot dogs and soft drinks from its concession stand. Attendees will receive an armband when they enter the festival and will be free to come and go. The nearby shops in downtown Salado might provide a nice reprieve while waiting for a specific singer or group to perform.

“We try to get a variety to suit everybody’s taste,” said Alvalin Woodul, one of the directors for the gospel festival. “The event helps to just keep gospel music alive. It draws people to the Salado area that wouldn’t usually come.”

Mills said before the concession stand was available, churches would travel to the fest and sell baked goods. Some of the Tablerock members still bring sweets.

Artists lined up to perform include The Armstrong Family, Loretta Williams Gurnell, Cliff Underwood, Joyful Sound, Kevin Bennett, Angel Erfurt, Lee Kelley, The Mattson’s and the Pausitive Band.

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