Temple's Got Talent

Alissa Anchando, 19, of Temple, sings during Monday's technical run-through at the Cultural Activities Center to set sound levels with technical director Byron Lovelace, left. The lighting design, sound and staging were in preparation for "Temple's Got Talent" auditions at 2 p.m. Sunday.

Steve Pettit | Herald

Ready to channel your inner Jennifer Hudson or Clay Aiken? Opportunity awaits at Temple’s Cultural Activities Center this Sunday at the open auditions for “Temple’s Got Talent.”

“We know that there are some great, undiscovered singers in the Killeen area,” said Jane Boone, marketing director for the center. “And this is a singing talent show, open to anyone age 15 and older.”

It doesn’t matter where the auditioners live, Boone said. “If they qualify, then they must commit to rehearsal and the big show June 20. There is no charge to try out or participate.” Although the event is titled “Temple’s Got Talent,” the show seeks hopefuls from throughout the Central Texas area, “because the CAC’s reach and mission extends far beyond our hometown,” Boone said.

One notable difference between this show and the various TV versions: it’s not a competition.

“There’s no panel of judges,” said Les Young, musical director. “The idea is to showcase and nurture emerging talent, not crown winners and have losers.”

Auditioners are asked to bring sheet music or recorded accompaniment on a compact disc. No appointments are needed, Young said. “Just be at the CAC on Sunday at 2 p.m. and we’ll have a group info session, go over the schedule, then the individual tryouts will start.”

Auditions also will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday.

Though many of the participants may be newbies, the final show will be professionally produced, Young said. “Our technical director, Byron Lovelace, has many years of experience with live performance as well as a background in motion pictures. There is a tradition and legacy at the CAC — the Alvin Ailey dance company, the great pianist Van Cliburn and just a month ago, Michael Martin Murphy have all appeared on this stage.”

The event is a fundraiser benefiting children’s programs at the nonprofit center, and may be the first of a series.

“This is strictly a singing show,” Boone said, “but we’re open to spinoffs: a general variety talent show with dancers, instrumentalists and other types of acts, for example.”

“This is a great tuneup for singers interested in trying out at regional ‘American Idol’ or other national competitions,” Young said. Complimentary invitations have been delivered to TV scouts, but Young wouldn’t confirm specific producers. “Let’s just say it’s a marvelous opportunity.”

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